What replaced the nikon d40

what replaced the nikon d40

Which Nikon to replace D40?

Dec 05, Which Nikon to replace D40? Nov 30, Hi! I'm considering to replacing my ageing D40 with a newer Nikon DSLR. Currently I have two lenses ( and 35). I'm tempted by a good price of D, the movable display of D, but on the other hand I . Jul 30, Nikon D replaces the venerable D40 entry-level DSLR Nikon has finally officially announced the D, a long-rumored replacement for its Author: Janice Chen.

Supporting the Nikon F-mount on the Internet since Added Canon EF mount support what replaced the nikon d40 Z50 Guide New! D Guide D Guide New! D Guide. Which Nikkors Have Fluorine Coating?

What Matters Most? New or Old for the Exotic Telephotos? What is Micro Contrast? What is Tack Sharp? Can I use a Sigma teleconverter on a Nikon lens? Why do you seem to be so negative about teleconverters? How do I stack teleconverters? What About Tripod Specs? What Causes Card Errors? Why can't I find your works in bookstores?

Why can't I find your works in the Kindle Nook store? Are all of your older Complete Guides still available? Do you ever update your works? What do your books work on? Can I copy the eBook file to my other computers? Why were rellaced eBooks supplied on a CD? Sidebar [Skip] Web Search dslrbodies. You have a D70, D70s, D80, or D90 . Like what you've got : if the camera has four digits in its name and it has a 24mp sensor, stick with it ; everyone else should know that the current D and D really are rather large steps forward from what they've got.

The next model up is the D and quite an excellent camera. You could also leave DX and move to FX, but that's a huge change, which will also impact your lens closet.

Which should you do? Here's the simple guide: Choice 1: Buy a D or D if you're happy with what you've got in terms of camera but want to upgrade simply to update your DSLR equipment to the latest.

Be prepared for some surprises if you're moving from 6mp to 24mp, though. Things have changed a lot since you bought what is hard money lender camera. Choice 2: Buy a mirrorless camera, replzced a Nikon Z50, if you're more looking to lighten up instead of looking for a huge change in image quality.

Ahat 3: Move up to the D if you've gotten more serious with photography and are starting to feel held thd by the high prevalence of automation in your camera. Ian what does it mean 23, at AM. Looking for gear-specific information? Check out our other Web sites: mirrorless: sansmirror. Web Search dslrbodies.

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You have a D40, D40x, D50, D60, D3xxx, or D5xxx. Like what you've got: if the camera has four digits in its name and it has a 24mp sensor, stick with it; everyone else should know that the current D and D really are rather large steps forward from what they've got. Choose the D on . my D40 kit cost me ? just before christmas, i paid ? and got ?30 cashback from nikon. as i am quite new to slr photography, if i had not been able to buy a good slr for around the ? mark i would have bought another bridge camera (probably a fuji s to replace my old s ). i think there are a lot of people like myself who need the step up into real photography which the D The Nikon D40 is the D50 replacement. The D50 will remain available through about June, The D40 is a much smaller, lighter version of the D It is a completely new design. It takes away some things, like two AF sensors, and gives more in return, like a critical RGB histogram and a fantastic LCD. More > > Top. Introduction.

Save Cancel Drag to set position! Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. It seems a very short time to stop producing what seems to be a very popular camera. I'm sure whatever they replace it with is going to be great. Anyone heard anything about a replacement?. Publish Preview. Jibbo Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Jibbo member 13 years ago.

Post Reply Preview. Check out the link i posted. Jeremy Stockwell 13 years ago. I had heard rumors about stopping production on D40x which was always a pointless model, IMO , but Nikon is still pushing D40 pretty hard in promotions, etc.

But i have gone back to the Nikon forums and it seems that the D40 is to continue for a while yet. My apologies for miss leading anyone. I'm just keen to know what they're going to replace it with, and when. The promo for this: www. A lot of money to promote a camera D40 that you're not making any more. I've read rumors that a new camera is coming out to replace the D40x, but not the D Of course, there are always new cameras on the market, so rumors like this don't really affect current owners.

Depechie 13 years ago. Karl Gunnarsson 13 years ago. Depechie: are there any facts in that "announcement" from Rockwell? Nieblung Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Nieblung member 13 years ago. Well from what I've read online, this rumor has been circulating for a few months. If Nikon is going to announce anything, they will put it on their Press Release Page.

I can see the D60 replacing the D40x, but not the D In my opinion, they really want to distinguish the features between the two and just having a "X" stamped on it isn't producing enough sales. Nieblung can be right I have that X attached to my cam and I am tired of explaining that it is not a D40, it has more features for better or worse, but it has more Maybe they want to make a difference.

Edited by benrobertsabq member 13 years ago. From an advertising standpoint if Nikon were going to come out with a new model, precisely what they would do is saturate the market with advertising for the old model before they released the new one. In hopes people would buy up the remaining inventory of the older camera, meaning as a manufacturer they wouldn't have much excess inventory left.

Also any rumors of a new model put a relative freeze on sales of the current model, in case the new one is "better" than the current one. This is a generalization, not true for every buyer, but it is true for any product, not just cameras. Many people who have the option to choose to wait for the now product will wait, when otherwise they would buy.

Again - saturate your market with ads before the new model is announced, hoping to drive sales of the outgoing model before it's seen as "obsolete.

I guess my question is what does it matter if they stop producing either the D40? Or D40x? Or stop both? Would most of us rush out to get another D40 body right away before they are "all gone", or would we be more interested in what Nikon had coming to "replace" the D40 and D40x? Depends on the features and price, right? If the new model does not support unmodified pre-AI lenses, I might consider getting a second D40 body as a backup, depending on pricing and budget.

Alternatively, I might just start getting my lenses AI-converted. Edited by kukkurovaca member 13 years ago. To the best of my knowledge, Nikon never intended the D40 to be sold body-only, unlike the D40X. Wow, weird. You could never just buy the body in the US. IMASA 13 years ago. Edited by talented spark member 13 years ago. Not that it matters in the US but here in Japan you can get a D40 body only.

If this link works, this chart shows the average price in yen blue line and cheapest price pink line for the D40 over the last 3 months. Check out that jump in the price over christmas! Stuart K.

Seels 13 years ago. Yah, Great! Spot the pillock! SouthsideDuc 13 years ago. I'm going to put off buying a MP camera for as long as possible. I wouldn't. I wish I had gotten the D40X instead.

The D40 can be a little underpowered at times. Edited by jeffegg2 member 13 years ago. I have the D40 and don't want the D40x. I love my D40!!! If you hate the d40 so much sell it on ebay and buy your d40x. What is holding you back? I'm lookin for just the body only. It's never been available in the US. Avoid Best Price Cameras like the plague!

Online shops selling hot new cameras at less than half of what they go for usually aren't likely to be trustworthy. VIjay Pandey 13 years ago. D60 is on the horizon. Not worth selling it. Damn, I was so anticipating the D40X replacement, but I couldn't wait. I was hanging out at the local camera shop and some guy walked in trying to sell his 1 yr old D gear cuz he bought a D3. Hehe, non AF-S lenses here I come!

You lucky bugger! Well done. Well we will have to wait probably until PMA to find out about the D60 and its positioning in the nikon product range. Would suggest its a D80 replacement. Doooshty Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Doooshty member 13 years ago. In case anyone is interested, engadget. To quote the press release "The Nikon D60 is not just compact; its shape is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand naturally and comfortably. The body design is inherited from the highly regarded Nikon D40 series.

The bright and clear viewfinder ensures precise composition, while the large, 2. LCD monitor displays an easy-to-use menu system with a wide viewing angle so that anyone can navigate the settings and view images with ease. When the user moves away from the viewfinder, the LCD monitor turns on again automatically. Doooshty 13 years ago. The D60 is just a tarted up D40x with pretty useless new features. It's all marketing. Mind you, a pal of mine has a Canon that has that dust thingy and he says its fantastic.

Thom Hogan www. I love my D40, the only thing I miss is bracketing. Even lower noise at high isos and even better quality could make the D60 interesting, though.

See here. Groups Beta.

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