What does jesus really look like heaven is for real

what does jesus really look like heaven is for real

Colton Burpo's Picture of Jesus

Jan 25,  · Todd Burpo is an Author, Pastor and Dad with an incredible story of his then 4 year old son Colton's account of going to Heaven. Colton survived emergency su. Aug 19,  · If Todd Burpo is right, if this is the Jesus of Heaven, then every other portrait of Jesus should be scrapped and Aikane’s picture should come standard in every Bible printed. If this is the real Jesus, then we have an eyewitness to Jesus’ physical features. Details not contained in Scripture have been captured on canvas for us.

Four months after his emergency surgery, 4-year-old Colton Burpo started telling his parents about experiences he had in heaven while he was lying in the hospital bed having an emergency appendectomy.

Here are some of the things little Colton says he saw:. Angels sang to him because he was scared. The city of heaven, he said, is made of something shiny, like gold and silver. There are more colors in heaven, and the flowers and trees are beautiful.

He says Jesus has brown hair and hair on his face. Todd and Sonja Burpo showed Colton many paintings of Jesus to find out which one he thought came closest. After Kramarik continued to share her visions of heaven and turn them into life through her paintings, her atheist mother started believing in God. Colton told his parents about meeting his sister in heaven, whom his mother had miscarried before Colton was born, and whom the parents had never spoken to Colton about.

He says this sister looked a lot like his living sister, Cassie, but was smaller and had dark hair. Colton also claims he met his grandfather, who died 30 years before Colton was born.

Colton told his father that no one is old in heaven. A minecraft how to spawn a spider jockey sheet available at heavenisforreal.

Kim calls Utah Valley home, but she spent her high school years in Australia, where she learned to drive on the other side of the road and tolerate Vegemite. When she isn't writing, Kim loves traveling, teaching Pilates, and spending time with her husband and three children. Read more from Kim at talkingwordy. I have never seen a movie that is so real as Heaven is Real, I can relate to this movie from an out of body expediences I had when I was just 22 years old and I feel seeing and talking to Christ had helped me help my father three days before he passed away he had so many questions about death how to grow hanging tomatoes ask me that 3 days before he died we sat up all night and he asked me so many questions about death pain heaven and GOD, I am glad I could answer his questions and that Christ gave me the knowledge to understand my own fears on death.

I have opened my eyes to Christ and fear not death, when he calls me home my children will not be sad for my lost but filled with joy because they understand there is no pain only love in Heaven and beautiful warmth.

When i was young i went through Catholic never truly beliving in What are the benefits of a union i was in church with my mom and dad. Through the years i had this incredible thirst within myself to find God,a hunger i cannot explain.

One particular night i was very tired and slept like never before me or ever. The Third Eye. And the painting pictures of christ and the thrown feels so real to me.

I wish I could have such expirence in my life cos is a life changing one. All glory to God and peace to us his children… Amen! Thank you colton. Obiora, You could have such experience in your life if you have faith in God. Obey his commands, and Pray always.

Love your neighbor as you love yourself, always be humble and have humility in you. I promise you, if you stick to what I said, God will show himself to you. The lady that thinks its bull you need to wake up. Jesus is trying to reach people. The muslims started years after Jesus they need to go back in history and find Jesus for hell is for real. History tells us the Jews did not look like that. But lying on the Holy Spirit should put fear in him.

So many kids grow up repenting for lying I hope he does as well. And that picture you are referring to came from a little girl named Akiane. Jesus took her to heaven every night for a while and taught her to paint. Just an FYI. The number of ppl who are relating their dreams, visions and NDE experiences is multiplying expotentionally. Jesus Christ is revealing Himself in this present age, He is still ministering. The planet Earth is one immense field the Lord is going to reap His harvest.

This really Amazing for God to have shown little Colton the revelation of heaven. I am blessed, i will share this with all my friends. The bible has never been proven wrong. If anything is wrong in the bible then nothing can be believed.

The bible is Gods holy word given to us. Now if some kid from India were to die and then come back, what do you think he would see? If a kid from Iran or Saudi Arabia died and came back, what would he see? How many people who are so excited about what this kid says he saw understand that most people are of a Religion because of where they were born. If not for being born in the US or some how to know facebook password without any software that has a majority what is the opposite of wisdom Christians, you might be one of the other many religions.

Maybe if this child was 12 then you would have a point but this is a 4 year old. I have a 4 year old. There is no way how to get over jealousy of past relationships little mind could make this up from learning about heaven in Sunday school.

His knowledge of all the details in heaven and meeting family and so on are too detailed for it to be something he was taught. Just my 2 cents worth. Be blessed. I want God to help me understand the fears of my death…I want Him to show me that Hez really with me.

Fear of your death? God is with you at all times. Hi all did I or you ask to be the child of the parents we have? What my faith is or your faith is usually comes from what our parents were taught. But do you think the greatest people and the worst people picked there parents? I know for me love is the only thing I can give that I will take with me when I die. I ask my God to bless you. Its true I to. This is a fascunating story ,I Knew this movie even before it could be sold in the shops n when i saw this i had a tear in my eye because i too believe that Heaven is really for real.

Everytime when what does jesus really look like heaven is for real walk with someone- friends or family members i make sure that i show them the movie to buy it in the mall because by watching this could make a person who doesnt have much faith to gain their faith so quickly. I just wish everyone could connect with God as It Doesnt go with how old are yu to live with God and worship him and show him you appreciate that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross ….

Heaven is absolutely real. I don t know if it looks like Colton visions, but it must be more than we can describe or imagine. This is not Jesus. Anyone who could share his thoughts with me towards the painting? Obviously not, or you would not be asking. Why ask other people that question? Have they met Jesus face to face? I believe if you want to know the truth about your question, then you should ask Jesus himself.

Jesus is not capable of telling anything but the truth. So ask him, he will speak to your heart and when he does you will know that you know and no human will ever be able to tell you otherwise. Hi Diana, regarding the painting that Akiane painted of her vision of Jesus- did you picture Jesus as looking different or is there a painting that you believe resembles Him more? I looked at all of the pictures And when i saw the painting It looked like what I would imagine it to be! As soon as I saw it, it started to bring me to tears!

Absolutley absurd! Someone made a lot of money on this story. Amazing that bible believing Christians actually believe these silly books. People in heaven do not have bodies, they are disembodied spirits. Their bodies are in the grave. When Stephen was stoned he prayed:. The hope of Christians is the Resurrection where we will receive our glorified bodies.

Paul said to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord 2 Cor All who die in the Lord are present with Jesus. But not in physical bodies. At the Resurrection they will receive bodies. And those who remain will be changed in a moment. And we will live on earth forever with the Lord in the New Jerusalem which has come down out of heaven. We will not have wings! Angels do not even have wings.

The only creatures that are said to have wings are Cherubim in Isaiah 6 and Revelation 4. In heaven now, Christians do not have bodies but are waiting for the resurrection.


Apr 18,  · Maybe heaven just looks like whatever someone expects it to look like; after all, how would we really know what heaven looks like anyway? Maybe Jesus really does ride a rainbow horse. Sep 17,  · Heaven is for Real is probably the most famous account of a visit to Heaven, and it comes to us from Colton Burpo, who was only three years old when he died on the operating table during a surgery, went to Heaven, and then returned with the knowledge of an unborn sister, Jesus' love of riding a rainbow colored horse across the cloud city of Heaven. There’s no mistake in Jesus’s mind that heaven is a real, physical place. Twice in John , he uses the Greek word topos, which is translated “place.” For example, He says, “I go to.

The race and appearance of Jesus has been a topic of discussion since the days of early Christianity. Various theories about the race of Jesus have been proposed and debated. Now these documents are mostly considered forgeries. A wide range of depictions have appeared over the two millennia since Jesus's death, often influenced by cultural settings , political circumstances and theological contexts. These images are often based on second- or third-hand interpretations of spurious sources, and are generally historically inaccurate.

By the nineteenth century, theories that Jesus was non- Semitic were being developed, with writers suggesting he was variously white, black, Indian, or some other race. Research on ancient skeletons in Palestine suggests that Judeans of the time were biologically closer to Iraqi Jews than to any other contemporary population, and thus in terms of physical appearance the average Judean of the time would have likely had dark brown to black hair, olive skin , and brown eyes.

Judean men of the time period were on average about 1. It has been suggested that Jesus likely had a lean appearance. Old Testament references which are interpreted by Christians as being about a coming messiah have been used to form conjectures about the appearance of Jesus.

Isaiah refers to the scourged messiah with "no beauty that we should desire him" and Psalm —3 describes him as "fairer than the children of men". These passages are often interpreted as his physical description. The New Testament includes no descriptions of Jesus's appearance before his death , and the gospel narratives are generally indifferent to people's racial appearance or features.

The synoptic gospels include the account of the transfiguration of Jesus , during which he was glorified with "His face shining as the sun". The hair on his head was white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire. His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters. In his right hand he held seven stars, and coming out of his mouth was a sharp, double-edged sword.

His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance. This vision is usually considered to refer to Jesus in heavenly form, not his appearance during his earthly life. Despite the lack of direct biblical or historical references , from the second century onward various theories about the appearance of Jesus were advanced, but early on these focused more on his physical appearance than on race or ancestry. Larger arguments of this kind have been debated for centuries. Justin Martyr argued for the genealogy of Jesus in the biological Davidic line from Mary, as well as from his non-biological father Joseph.

The focus of many early sources was on the physical unattractiveness of Jesus rather than his beauty. As quoted by Eisler, [26] : —, — both Hierosolymitanus and John of Damascus claim that "the Jew Josephus" described Jesus as having had connate eyebrows with goodly eyes and being long-faced, crooked and well-grown.

In a letter of certain bishops to the Emperor Theophilus , Jesus's height is described as three cubits four foot six , which was also the opinion of Ephrem Syrus — AD , "God took human form and appeared in the form of three human ells cubits ; he came down to us small of stature.

In the apocryphal Lentulus letter, Jesus is described as having had a reddish complexion, matching Muslim traditions in this respect. Jesus's prediction that he would be taunted "Physician, heal yourself" [31] may suggest that Jesus was indeed physically deformed "crooked" or hunch-backed , as claimed in the early Christian texts listed above. Justin Martyr , Tertullian, and Ambrose considered lack of physical attractiveness in Jesus as fulfilling the messianic prophecy Suffering Servant narrative of Isaiah The more mainstream, theological perspective, as expressed by Church Fathers Jerome and Augustine of Hippo , argued that Jesus must have been ideally beautiful in face and body.

For Augustine he was "beautiful as a child, beautiful on earth, beautiful in heaven". By the Middle Ages a number of documents, generally of unknown or questionable origin, had been composed and were circulating with details of the appearance of Jesus, as described below. Around the ninth century, Epiphanius Monachus referred to a tall angelic figure, which has at times been interpreted as Christ, but scholars consider it an unlikely reference to Jesus.

The Letter of Lentulus , a forged letter supposedly written by Publius Lentulus , the Governor of Judea, to the Roman Senate, according to most scholars was composed to compensate for the lack of any physical description of Jesus in the Bible. Quranic and hadith traditions such as Sahih Bukhari as well as tafsir have given an oral depiction of what Jesus looked like, although some accounts do not match, such as his being both curly-haired and straight-haired. The hadith refer to Muhammad's account of the Night Journey , when he was taken up to heaven by the angel Gabriel Jibra'il , where he saw Jesus and other prophets.

Most versions of this say "Jesus had curly hair and a reddish complexion. I asked who it was. They said: This is the Messiah, son of Mary. Salim ibn Abd-Allah reports from his father Abdullah ibn Umar that the prophet "did not say that Jesus was of red complexion", rather he was "a man of brown complexion and lank hair".

There are four hadiths in Bukhari stating Jesus had a brown complexion and three hadiths in Imam Muslim. However, the most prominent narrator is from Salim ibn Abdullah ibn Umar, descendant of Caliph Umar, with a chain of narration that stated: "a man of brown complexion and lank hair". These variations have been explained in various ways, and have been co-opted to make assertions about race. Furthermore, most accounts of hadith say Moses was of dark complexion, i. There is almost universal agreement that Moses was of dark complexion by sixth-century Hijazi standards.

The Doctrine and Covenants describes the Lord appearing to Joseph Smith : "His eyes were as a flame of fire; the hair of his head was white like the pure snow; his countenance shone above the brightness of the sun; and his voice was as the sound of the rushing of great waters Mormon theology taught that dark skin was the visual mark of sin against God; therefore Black and Indigenous Americans " Lamanites " were cursed by God.

John of Damascus taught that there is no contradiction, for Nathan wed Solomon's wife after Solomon died in accordance with yibbum the mitzvah that a man must marry his brother's childless widow. In his book The Forging of Races , Colin Kidd argues that the assignment of race to biblical individuals has been a mostly subjective practice which is based on cultural stereotypes and societal trends rather than scientific methods.

In his book Racializing Jesus , Shawn Kelley says the assignment of a specific race to Jesus has been a cultural phenomenon which has been emanating from the higher levels of intellectual circles within societies, and he draws parallels between the different approaches within different settings.

By the nineteenth century, theories that Jesus was a member of the Aryan race , and in particular, theories that his appearance was Nordic , were developed and later appealed to advocates of the new racial antisemitism , who wanted nothing Jewish about Jesus. Scholars who supported the radical Aryan view also argued that being a Jew by religion was distinguishable from being a Jew by race or ethnicity.

By the twentieth century, theories that Jesus was black had also been proposed, but they did not claim he belonged to a specific African ethnicity, based on the argument that as a group and in whole or in part, the ancient Israelites , were originally black people. A study which was documented in the BBC series Son of God attempted to determine what Jesus's race and appearance may have been.

In academic studies, beyond generally agreeing that "Jesus was Jewish", [69] there are no contemporary depictions of Jesus that can be used to determine his appearance. In , a new attempt was made to discover what the true race and face of Jesus might have been, and it was documented in the Son of God documentary series. The study, sponsored by the BBC , France 3 and Discovery Channel , [71] used one of three first-century Jewish skulls from a leading department of forensic science in Israel.

A face was constructed using forensic anthropology by Richard Neave, a retired medical artist from the Unit of Art in Medicine at the University of Manchester. Additional information about Jesus's skin color and hair was provided by Mark Goodacre , a senior lecturer at the Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham. He also suggested that he would have had short, curly hair and a short cropped beard. Although not literally the face of Jesus, [72] the result of the study determined that Jesus's skin would have been more olive-colored than white or black, [66] and it also determined that he would have most likely looked like a typical Galilean Semite of his day.

Among the points which were made in the study was the fact that the Bible says Jesus's disciple Judas Iscariot needed to point him out to those arresting him. The implied argument is that if Jesus's physical appearance had differed markedly from that of his disciples he would have been relatively easy to identify.

Charlesworth says Jesus's face was "most likely dark brown and sun-tanned", and his stature "may have been between five feet five and five feet seven". Taylor thinks the BBC's reconstruction is "quite speculative" because reconstruction of cartilage noses, etc is guesswork. During the Middle Ages , a number of legendary images of Jesus began to appear, at times, they were probably constructed in order to validate the styles of the depictions of Jesus which were reported during that period, e.

A number of descriptions of Jesus have been reported by saints and mystics who claim that they have seen Jesus in visions. Reports of such visions are more common among Roman Catholics than they are among members of other Christian denominations.

By the twentieth century, some reports of miraculous images of Jesus began to receive a significant amount of attention, e. Secondo Pia 's photograph of the Shroud of Turin , one of the most controversial artifacts in history.

During its May exposition, the shroud and its photograph of what some authors consider the face of Jesus were visited by more than two million people. Another twentieth-century depiction of Jesus, namely the Divine Mercy image is based on Faustina Kowalska 's reported vision, which she described in her diary as a pattern that was then painted by artists.

Despite the lack of biblical references or historical records, for two millennia a wide range of depictions of Jesus have appeared, often influenced by cultural settings, political circumstances and theological contexts. Although some images of Jesus exist in the synagogue in Dura-Europos , and such images may have been common, in theory, Judaism forbade images, and its influence on the depictions of Jesus remains unknown. By the fifth century, depictions of the Passion began to appear, perhaps reflecting a change in the theological focus of the early Church.

The Byzantine Iconoclasm acted as a barrier to developments in the East, but by the ninth century, art was again permitted. The 13th century witnessed a turning point in the portrayal of the powerful Kyrios image of Jesus as a wonder worker in the West , as the Franciscans began to emphasize the humility of Jesus both at his birth and at his death via the Nativity scene as well as the crucifixion. The Renaissance brought forth a number of artistic masters who focused on the depictions of Jesus and after Giotto , Fra Angelico and others systematically developed uncluttered images that focused on the depiction of Jesus with an ideal human beauty.

Objections to depictions of Jesus have appeared, e. More recent artistic and cinematic portrayals have also made an effort to characterize Jesus as an ancient Middle Eastern resident. In the movie, The Passion of the Christ , Jesus was portrayed by Jim Caviezel who wore a prosthetic nose during filming and had his blue eyes digitally changed to brown to give him a more Middle Eastern appearance. According to designer Miles Teves, who created the prosthesis: "Mel Gibson wanted to make the actor playing Jesus, James Caviezel , look more ethnically Middle Eastern, and it was decided that we could do it best by changing the shape of his nose.

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