What does du hast mean

what does du hast mean

Meaning of Du Hast by Rammstein

Mar 31, In other words, du hast, as in the title of this track, translates to you have. While du hasst, its homophone, means you hate. And while the track is indeed entitled du hast, this homophonic wordplay was intentional. In fact while the German is translated as you have, the English version specifically states you hate. Sep 04, Du Hast is what propelled Rammstein into metals upper echelons, setting them up for decades of porno shoots, self-flagellation, god-tier pyrotechnics, retina-bursting music videos and general disregard for taste.

I have been saying all along that 'Du Hast' means you have. And to the person who threw random German phrases into his interp, most of the grammar there is wrong. I don't know what the problem is It could mean both. Ooooh no no no no NO! I can't get how stupid this one got here It's exactly like someone on page 2 said, I will qoute, so you hopefully finally get that!!

It's easy like that! The narrator is asked to marry somebody and says 'No! Simple as that. The first word play could be the explanation to why the character answers no. I also think, that it's not by accident, that they took this particular two words. Maybe she really hates him and just wants to use him.?!

But that's just interpretation. Believe me. And by the way, don't you think, Rammstein is an unbelieveable good band?

This lyrics are just Thank you for the interpretations. The drugs seem to be best explanation. Lived in federal republic of Germany for 8years I saw a color film of Hitler overseeing it from his retreat.

The stigma of his evil will never go away you can outlaw any and all Nazism in Germany. Keep the concentration camps as tourists spots. And even the hundreds of a banded and at that time the most technologically-advanced bases there as a remembrance do not let such a thing happen again but I believe they could all be torn down.

Because hate we'll always be on this planet it is happening again and again since it's just called Ethnic Cleansing now sorry don't mean to ruin anybody's mood.

But it was sold out this year they are coming to the United States finally again. To all Germans who have a issue with Americans.

We whooped your asses twice so sit down and stop being sore losers. I literally hate all of you und das ist hasst dumkopf. Also to all of the dumbass American's that claim mmean be German please when you grow older make enough money to leave your mom's basement and this country. My translation of this song is that is fucking awesome Rammstein is a badass band with tons of deep meanings whag German like Sonne. Some of my favorites are the ones that offer more humorous lyrics though like Liebe ist fur alle da.

Hsst I agree that they made it in German to play on wedding vows due to that being the original language, how to get xml response in ajax think of the human mind in German it rhymes and is clever and deep, in English it doesn't rhyme and or sound like how to get back on ebay after being suspended if it is literally translated.

Rammstein is a band they make music to appeal to someone's ears more than their mind. I will probably never visit this site again because I have better things to do like anything else.

Feel free to bash. The song has nothing to do with wedding vows, lolol. It's about drugs, heroin. They say 'she' in the song, dy never specify who 'she' is. She symbolizes heroin. If you watch the music video, when he pulls up and goes into the warehouse with his friends and they drink and do drugs, it symbolizes peer pressure, and when he walks away with the warehouse blowing up it's him leaving that in his past. Not sure what the woman meah the video represents, maybe friends and family before doing drugs.

I've haat from different interpratations that the song is about one of the members getting married and that he doesn't want to hence the holy sounding "Ja", then the abrupt voes.

Saying "Du hast mich," means you have me, as in his fiance will have him how to sync computer itunes to iphone marriage. And to clear this up, "hast" comes from the word "habe" that means have, which conjugated with "du" makes the e dissappear and an st to be put in, making "du hast" or "you have". You You have hate You have hate me. Have and hate are pronounced the same way, but spalled differently.

The song is about a play. First of all, person from earlier, I don't believe you are from Germany. I am a german student of 9 years, fully fluent and bilingual, and even my brother of whats a good antivirus for windows 8 is too you to be bilingual knows it is, Ich bin fertig, not ich ist fertig.

I believe in the beginning he is saying she hates him, because he didn't answer her. In the beginning when he says Du du hast du hast mich, I belive is where he implies she hates him. Then she has asked Du hast mich gefragt Which is where, as stated before, a play on words comes from.

The rest, when translated, pretty much speaks for itself. Guys, believe what happened to dr ralph wurster on this one. Hast means have. For those saying it can be taken either way, only the pronunciation what does du hast mean. The spellings are different. You're basically saying that two and too and to mean the same thing. Now you can stop arguing and start interpreting the song lyrics, not the proper German meaning of a word.

I know I'm the last of many, but hopefully you who are actually reading this are paying attention. We all know Du Hast is about wedding vows. But Why Wedding vows? Is anybody else wondering this?

The verses, which are the vows, aren't actually vows. They're dj the priest is supposed to coes the couple, about living together in sickness and health. At the end of the verse, he says, "nein. It's because it's not actually about wedding vows, it's about drugs. When people take drugs, they feel a certain love for them. Du Hast is all about being anti-drug. Hey you guys it means both when its in the video its you have wen he's with the girl and you hate wen he's with his boys because its him picking the girl or his boys that's wat the song is about being tied down wen you might have to make a decision between your lover or your friends.

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Du Du hast Du hast mich Du hast mich Du hast mich gefragt Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt. Ja Nein! Du Du hast Du hast mich Du DasIrrenhaus 1 2 3 4 5. GpunkButterfly 1 2 3 4 5. Submit Your Hasr. Your phone number:. Song name. Your interpretation. Email me when new interpretations are meqn for Du Hast. Your email address. Rammstein Song Meanings. Just Posted Bang! Get a weekly email update We won't give out your email.

Shy Away Twenty One Pilots. Settlin' Down Miranda Lambert.

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Definition of DU HAST in the lovedatingfind.com dictionary. Meaning of DU HAST. What does DU HAST mean? Information and translations of DU HAST in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Although the German phrase does not translate to English, "Du hast" can mean "you have," but it can also mean "you hate." Therefore the song has two meanings. One being sort of "You hate me but still want to marry me" (the song is about marriage) and the other being "You want to marry me but I . What does du hast mean in German? English Translation. you have. Find more words! Du hast eine E-Mail bekommen. du hast es. du hast Gluck. du hast gut reden. Du hast mein Herz. du hast mein herz gestohlen. Translate from German. go: Word Tools: Finders & Helpers: Other Languages: More.

You might not know what the words mean, but you know what the words are. Du hast. Du hast mich. They were a curio, and word was getting out. No surprise, really, given Nine Inch Nails main-man and industrial metal messiah Trent Reznor had assembled the soundtrack. They must have done something right, as Du Hast came fully-formed from those sessions, flying in the face of the nu metal revolution rolling across the globe; bands like Korn , Limp Bizkit and, lest we forget, Insane Clown Posse had captured the zeitgeist, dressed it in baggy jeans and forced it to chug two pints of Faygo.

Du Hast fit right in, by virtue of sounding nothing like any of those bands. A dancefloor-filler. Verse, chorus, verse; in, out, done. The gist of Du Hast is homophonous. They sound the same. We have a strong awareness, a strong sense of tradition in this band.

Written as above, that line in the chorus does suggest something soppy and nuptial. Naturally, the American public were none the wiser.

The music is what kept them there. This steely, seemingly uncompromising effort from Rammstein is actually the one moment when they second-guessed themselves, though. The flow, the charm, the emotion is lost. Thankfully, the original version prevailed. Sehnsucht cracked the US Billboard Top 50 a gargantuan feat for a German-language heavy metal album that not only features an ode to a dying vagina, but also a song about sodomy.

Du Hast gave Rammstein the platform they needed to show the world what fucked-up looks like they performed at the MTV Europe Music Awards , singeing pretty much everyone with that spark-spewing bow you see Till muck about with during Du riechst so gut nowadays. Towards the end of the year, they toured the States with Korn and Limp Bizkit for the Family Values package, being dragged off stage and arrested at the Fairfax date. Their alleged crime? This incited a riot, albeit a good-natured one.

Get rid of the stage show, the perceived gimmicks, all the stuff people tell you Rammstein use as a crutch. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

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