How to upgrade video card for laptop

how to upgrade video card for laptop

Can I Upgrade My Laptops GPU/Graphics Card?

Dec 06,  · After all, all you have to do is uninstall your old card's driver and unplug your old card (assuming you have one installed at all), plug in a new one, wire up any power connectors, install that Author: William Van Winkle. Mar 15,  · If you can’t upgrade your motherboard, power supply, or case to work with the specific graphics card you want, or you’re using a laptop and you want more power than is available, you also have the option of using an external graphics card enclosure. These are basically external boxes into which you can plug a PCI-E graphics Michael Crider.

Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In fact, the hardest part is choosing the right card right card in the first place. Your primary choice in graphics cards is between the two major makers of graphics chipsets—Nvidia and AMD. In the end, there are hundreds of customized models available on the market.

Does your motherboard have the right kind of slot for a modern graphics card? Will the card you want fit in your case? Can your power supply handle a card with higher power demands? Join us as we walk you through figuring those things out, narrowing down your card choices, and then physically installing your new card. Before you go shopping for a new graphics card, you need to limit the parameters of your search to the cards that your system can actually run.

The other thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the higher powered graphics cards are wide enough that they take up the space of two slots. Most full-sized tower cases can accommodate even the biggest graphics cards. A lot of the higher powered graphics cards are wide enough that they take up the space of two slots. The more thorny issue is card length. While low-end and mid-tier cards are generally short enough to fit most cases, more powerful cards tend to be much longer.

And in some cases your available space might be further limited by where hard drives are installed, where cables are plugged into your motherboard, and how power cables are run. The easiest way to handle all this is to pop open your case and measure the space you have available. The plug for this cable is either on the top of the card, or on the end of it the side opposite the monitor connections. Specifications for graphics cards list their estimated power draw or consumption in watts. Make sure your power supply has at least that much available with a w safety margin before making your final choice.

The other thing you need to check is whether you have an available power cable of the right type. Some low-power cards can run from the electricity supplied by the motherboard alone, but most cards need a separate input straight from the power supply. If the card needs a separate input, it will require either a 6-pin or 8-pin plug. Some more powerful cards even require multiple connections. Make sure your power supply has the right cables and plug types for the card you want.

On many modern power supplies, those plugs are even labeled PCI-E. There are also splitters like these that can split a single 8-pin plug into two 6- or 8-pin plugs. These are basically external boxes into which you can plug a PCI-E graphics card.

Some come equipped with a graphics card already; some are empty enclosures for plugging in whatever card you want. They do require an extra power outlet and a high-speed connection to your PC. At that point, you how to say calm down in chinese to start considering whether upgrading your PC or just building a low-cost gaming desktop is a better route to take. The first thing to take into account is your budget, and then you can narrow down from there.

The graphics card market is fairly competitive, and as a general rule, the more money you spend, the more powerful the graphics card. Choose the best card that fits your budget. Note: Due to the continuing influence of the cryptocurrency mining market, prices for graphics cards are somewhat inflated at the moment.

To put it bluntly, it sucks. You may need to lower the resolution setting or the graphical effects for newer games, but anything designed with a lower hardware tier in mind like Rocket League or Overwatch how to print livescribe dot paper still look great. And of course, older games and indie 2D titles will run just fine.

You can also search for benchmarks to see how different cards compare, and sometimes how well those cards run particular games. And after the headache of sorting through reviews, choosing a new card, and parting with your money, this part is easy.

And some manufacturers make this harder than others. When in doubt, check your manual or just search the web for how to take the case off your computer model. If not, skip to the next section. The graphics card should be pretty obvious. It may or may not have cables from the power supply plugged into it. And it may or may not have fans right on the card. First, look for a power connection on the installed card. This will be a how to make bunny ears headband plug with multiple pins, plugged into either the top or rear of the card.

Unplug the cable and set it aside. Now, look at the metal piece where the graphics card touches the back of the PC. Now, this next part can get a little tricky, depending on what is the healthiest cold cereal crowded your case is.

Your card likely has a little plastic tab that holds it securely into the slot on your motherboard. Sometimes, you push the tab down; sometimes to the side. And with bigger cards and more crowded cases, that tab can be hard to reach. If you have trouble, just be patient and make sure not to force anything. You can how to make a newspaper planter check YouTube for videos of people demonstrating this on different types of rigs.

Gently grasp the card with your hand and pull up, starting with the side closest to the back of the case. It should come free easily. If you just removed an existing card, you know where the new card goes.

You may need to remove some screws to do this—set them aside. Gently slide your card into place on the PCI-E slot. Next, use the screws you set aside to secure the graphics card to the metal piece at the back of the case.

And finally, connect the power cable if your card requires one. Make sure to connect your monitor to your new graphics card, not to the video-out connection on the motherboard itself! If your display is blank after turning everything on, go back through this guide—you may not have installed the card correctly.

Some systems may not. Check your BIOS and you should find a setting that lets you set your default display. When your PC starts, everything will probably look fine. Windows includes basic drivers for most video cards. Luckily, this is pretty simple these days. Just select whichever ones apply to your system and download them in with your web browser.

This might take a few minutes—the complete graphics suites are generally a few hundred megabytes. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

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Smarthome Office Security Linux. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Step One: Check for Basic Compatibility Before you go shopping for a new graphics card, you need to limit the parameters of your search to the cards that your system can actually run.

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Apr 30,  · Though it sounds impossible to upgrade the already existing graphics processing units, there is a way to use a modern desktop GPU with your laptop for a boost in performance. It is called an external GPU or eGPU, it has its own PCI-E connection & power supply, and you plug it directly into your laptops USB port. Sep 22,  · No,it's not possible to upgrade the GPU in your laptop. You could buy an external GPU, but it wouldn't be worth it, in my opinion; your GPU .

After all, who wants to scour some obscure forum to find out whether blowing a wad of cash on a GPU from eBay will work? Enter Eurocom, a Canadian laptop vendor that in February began offering one-stop-shop upgrade kits for consumers who want to take the risk of performing the equivalent of open-heart surgery on a laptop. Even better, the kits cover competing vendors as well as Eurocom itself, natch , such as Alienware.

To find out how well these kits work and how the laptop upgrade process goes, PCWorld decided to upgrade a laptop and run the numbers.

Most of the upgrades available from Eurocom are aimed at the Big Berthas of laptop gaming that push the definition of portable. The older one was Fermi-based and far slower. The physical part of the upgrade is fairly straightforward, but there are some things you should check off before you continue.

Eurocom supports Clevo units in addition to Alienware units. Once you find a GPU for your laptop, read the fine print. You may need a certain-level BIOS on the laptop for it to work, and you may also need a certain-level power brick too. This may be enough to dissuade some from doing so.

You then power down, unplug and pull the battery out. Eurocom warns you should also take the usual ESD precautions, and wear a grounding strap. You can a live high-risk life we do and just do it without any of that, but at least discharge any built-up static electricity in your body, and rethink doing it on the retro shag carpet you just installed on a low-humidity day.

On the PEM, remove four screws and slide off the bottom cover. In pure performance, the quad-core Ivy Bridge chip is just as fast as a similarly priced Haswell quad-core chip.

Once all seven screws are removed from the two heatpipes, you use the paper tabs on the heatpipes to pull them off gently. At the same time, use common sense on how much force to use to remove it. Gently rocking it around a bit may also help break the seal of the thermal paste. With both heat pipes moved, you now have access to the MXM module. Two hex-shaped nuts that also must be removed. You can use a small box wrench, crescent wrench, pair of pliers or flathead screwdriver to break them loose.

Once loose, back both off using your fingers. The module will not gently rock up at an angle and out of the slot. Most of the screws and offsets looked the same, but I ended up using the new ones to be safe. The heat pipes looked a little different, so I decided to use the new ones, assuming they were matched to the M GPU. Install the heat pipes, making sure to avoid the typical rookie move of leaving the protective plastic cover on the thermal paste.

The graphics upgrade kit I received from Eurocom comes with a thermal pad applied to the heat pipe. Just make sure to avoid rookie mistake Remember to pull off the protective plastic sheet off.

Unlike a CPU, which has an integrated heat spreader to protect it, the GPU core is directly exposed for maximum cooling. Chipping a bit off the edge by pressing down too hard on it will destroy it. Exercise caution at this stage. With everything installed, put the bottom cover back on.

Install the battery and plug it in and power up. If you did it all correctly, it should power up and boot into Windows. But those drivers would not recognize the new GPU and refused to install. After some head-scratching, I contacted Eurocom. Drivers, from here on out, can only be obtained from Eurocom. The good news is if Eurocom goes kaput, there is a lively community which mods the drivers to work.

Because timeliness is extremely important to gamers, I asked Eurocom how long it takes to release drivers after Nvidia does. The company said pretty fast. How fast? The example I was given was that it took an employee three days to update Nvidia drivers for 64 separate cards. Once I had the proper drivers installed, it was time to check the card to see if I had installed it correctly. To do that I used Ungine 4.

This synthetic benchmark will put a heavy load on the GPU while also displaying its temperature during testing. Eurocom tech support said I should see 90c to 95c for it to be normal. Mine were a little high, so I opened up the unit and torqued down the GPU on the heat just a tad more. I closed her back up and tested again and my temps had dropped down to the mid- to high 80s—within the normal operating range according to Eurocom. It was. The answer is nope. In an actual game I saw healthy bumps, too.

With the new one I was playing at 65 fps. I also ran Grand Theft Auto: V before and after and saw it go from unplayable with almost everything turned to maximum to playable.

Why Rockstar? What they'll argue with is whether it makes sense. Holy kryptonite! Think about the options. If the main problem was not wanting to compromise on modern games because the old GPU was inadequate, the alternative is buying a new laptop.

Another option: Sell the used GPU, too. One final thing to consider: Eurocom does warranty the GPU for six months of use. We know most people aren't ever going to crack their laptop. Even with its high price and risks, however, there's some justification for doing a graphics upgrade on a laptop if you want the performance and are willing to do the work.

One of founding fathers of hardcore tech reporting, Gordon has been covering PCs and components since Ultrabook Chromebooks Laptop Accessories. Upgrading graphics in a Eurocom laptop Hardcore Hardware: Falcon We test a 'bullet proof' laptop bag the only way you can: By shooting it We test a 'bullet proof' laptop You may not know this, but you can indeed upgrade graphics in laptop. This week Gordon does it and runs the math to find out if it even makes sense. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

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