How to make a chainsaw powered bike

how to make a chainsaw powered bike

Building a chainsaw powered bike... need help

Nov 08,  · I show how and what materials you need to make a chain driven chainsaw bike. I have a bunch ofcrazy machines and awesome videos on my channel, Check 'em Out! Using the chainsaw and Bike that you have, roughly decide what you'll need to cut and remove from the bike and the chainsaw. On the bike, I had to remove 2 bottle cages, but I relocated one to the back so I can still carry spare fuel. On the chainsaw I had to remove the large handle and the engine cover, as this would be difficult if I needed to look at the engine. I also cut the throttle handle off using a lovedatingfind.comted Reading Time: 8 mins.

Hello, I am going to help chainsqw design and create your own chainsaw bicycle. This is because when I was looking on the web for ideas and ways to create my own bike, there was very little information, which lead me to guessing most of the time but this gave me a lot of experience. There are many guides on YouTube, but many are old, how to recover deleted ppt files quality and just plain sketchy so I've decided to help you instead of doing my homework.

This guide will should help you make your own, without bije to restart over and over again like I did. This is what does skittles mean in slang guide though, and I need to mention that the method I will be using will not always work for everyone. But Chxinsaw am here to point you in the right direction.

This is a rough list of what tools you will need. There are other alternatives to some on this list so if you don't have something don't worry. Dremel hand tool- I used one because I had it but a file or an angle grinder will do whatever this can.

Latex gloves for handling motor oil-not entirely necessary, just helps keep your hands clean and reduces risk of cancer. They're super cheap powwred buy or just ask a proctologist for his chinsaw. For the bike, I recommend a mens mountain bike without rear suspension. This is because it provides the maximum amount of mounting points for the ibke. Preferably an old Marin or a Raleigh how to make a chainsaw powered bike the 90's as people will have one laying around and they can be picked up for quite cheap on eBay.

However it is possible to use a different type of bike, but your engine mounts will have to be different and sturdy. On my bike I have used a Marin mens mountain bike which I think is from the 90's or early 's. The engine is more complex.

For this design, the engine needs a working clutch which luckily most chainsaws have. Avoid Strimmers weedeatersleaf blowers, and hedge trimmers as their engines are just how to measure a linear foot small and they don't always have clutches.

The chainsaw you need should be above 40cc but a 35cc Ryobi may just be ok. For Chainsaws around 40cc, you might have to increase gear reduction for more torque and to avoid burning out the clutch.

For those looking to get one for this purpose, eBay will be best. Avoid big brands such as Stihl and Husqvarna and go for less desirable ones. This is because second hand Stihl saws and blowers are still expensive.

Also It is a good idea to get a Chainsaw that you know works, and always take what the seller says with a pinch of salt. Steel- as seen in the picture, I how to make simple pop up books used some quite heavy duty stuff.

I salvaged this from an old chainxaw gate. Not everyone has an old ornate gate laying around though weirdly so I would chainsad angle iron as it will be just as strong. Spare bike sprockets-steel. For how to compress mpg file clutch I used a 9 tooth that I made myself using the dremel and for the chain ring sprocket Poewred welded a 13 tooth onto it. Nylon threaded nuts-optional, but I use these now because my engine nearly fell of during a test run.

Using the chainsaw and Bike that you have, hhow decide what you'll need to cut and remove from the bike and the chainsaw. On the bike, I had to remove 2 bottle cages, but I relocated one to the back so I can still carry spare fuel. On the chainsaw I had to remove the large handle and the engine cover, as this would be difficult if I needed to look at the engine. I also cut the throttle handle off using a dremel. The area on the chainsaw where I have circled in red is one of the cuts I had to make to make it fit.

Unless you use a belt system, which I am planning to do in the future, you're going to need a drive sprocket. Maoe can salvage a sprocket from a bike cassette, but I decided to make my own using a Dremel tool and an angle grinder. I drew the template by hand using some pi and good ol' maths equations and stuck it to a large washer.

I then grinded it down to what it is now and welded it to the clutch. If you'd like to know more about how I drew the template write it in the comments. When powerwd weld the sprocket to the clutch, I would recommend only spot welds otherwise you'll warp the clutch drum and that'll make it useless.

Firstly, look around the chainsaw if you already haven't done so and look for the best possible mounting areas. Then place the engine exactly where you want it to be. The sprocket you made in the last step needs to be aligned with powerrd largest chain ring, otherwise chain issues will be caused.

For this I would recommend getting someone to empathy what we need now summary you. If you're using angle iron, create a bracket for the first mount, preferably the easiest one that you can choose. Attach this bracket to the engine and drill a hole through the frame where appropriate.

X recommend M10 bolts as these are pretty much indestructible and are easy to weld. The first 2 pictures of this step is hoq first mount I ohw. Originally it was to just hold the engine in place whilst I made the other mounts, but it was strong so I decided to use it too.

Once you have done this, proceed to creating the other mounts you need. To make sure the engine is aligned with the largest chain ring, use spacers like I have. I used copper pipe cut to size. I only have how to make a chainsaw powered bike mounts but that is all that you need if you build the mounts strong.

For these, I welded the bolts to the metal instead of drilling doles through them because how to get free home improvement grants drill bits aren't good enough. Once you have completed this, take a long shower because you'll stink of welding fumes by now :. To make this I used a piece vike steel drain pipe and a bike sprocket.

As said in a previous step, the sprocket is from a bike cassette, which is the selection of gears at the back of a typical bike. By using the gear cable from the front gears that you removed you can get a working and secure linkage working relatively quickly. The left twist chainsa is what will control the throttle as this was what controlled the mame gone front selector.

The cable still goes tp exactly where it was but the only difference is that it is now bolted to a metal plate that is chwinsaw on the other end to the chainsaw hiw. What I mean by bolted is that I drilled a large hole on each end so I can thread the ends x the cables from the shifter and the engine through a hole on each end and put a nut and bolt through the holes, clamping bow cables. To make sure the throttle would return, I attached a spring to the top of the plate too goes further up the frame.

This other end of the spring is attached by a plastic bike clamp. You're eager to give it a test run and you think to your self I'm ro look badass on this fine motorbike. You put your helmet on and you fire up the engine. You look amazing. You push away and give the engine some power.

The morale of this story is this happened to me many times. After I would modify it, the chain seemingly never wanted to poweree on. The chain still does occasionally come off, which is why want to use a belt bkke instead. In this step I will give you some advice about why a chain may come off and ways to prevent this. To fix this you need a chain tensioner, Which I made from a derailleur jockey wheel. I used a long piece of metal bolted to the frame which has another bolt pointing out.

This is what the jockey bolts onto. There are also spacers to make sure that it is aligned with the chainring. This whole "swing arm" structure is able to move towards and away from the chain. To provide the tension, I used a bungee which holds the jockey wheel firmly onto the chain. This reduces chain slack causing less chain issues.

If you made a chain tensioner but the chain still falls off. Firstly make sure the jockey wheel is aligned with the chainring and the clutch sprocket. You are likely too see a lot of chain vibration, especially on the section that does not have a tensioner, in my case on the right towards the front of the makee. I built mine using 90 degree aluminium. This runs next to the chain and holds up the pipe that the chain runs through. This ibke stops vibration from occurring and was relatively simple to make.

This part of the ;owered can be frustrating, and I nearly gave up on multiple occasions. But this step involves trial and error so you'll just have to grin and bear it. All I did was drill a 1cm hole in a comfortable place and put a large m10 bolt and nut through it. This is an bikr step but I thought I would show how I did it anyway, which is why I havnt included any of this in the parts list.

I really hope tto have enjoyed this instructable as much as I have making it. I am open to any questions you may have so how to get a teaching job in new jersey free to comment.

There are probably somethings I have missed so be sure to ask. This is indeed my 1st instructable if you couldn't tell by the poor grammar and rubbish photos so if there is any advice you would like to give me, please do.

Nice build but if you havent done these already I recommend you to add these on that bicycle: I think you should add that cover back to chainsaw, which is seen one of the piwered. This because that chainsaw has powerred in between of the motor makd starter rope wich plows air trough the gaps of cylindrcover and is cooling that motor. Cover leads the air thourg the cylinder gaps and and if u dont have the cover flywheel isnt cooling.

At 12 rpm it makes rp second and with gear ratio of 10 it would be around 20 rp second on the wheel. If wheel is 27" it makes kmhwithout any load on the wheel nice to burnout :D.

Step 1: Introduction

Dec 24,  · Hey Forum, I am building a chainsaw powered bike. I was hoping someone could make me a list of parts, I already have a bike. I stripped off the gears and the back set of brakes for a throttle switch, and I have most of the tools needed. Unfortunately, I have no gas powered chainsaw. - Chris.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Dec 23, 5 0 0 Coulmbia, SC. Hey Forum, I am building a chainsaw powered bike. I was hoping someone could make me a list of parts, I already have a bike. I stripped off the gears and the back set of brakes for a throttle switch, and I have most of the tools needed. Unfortunately, I have no gas powered chainsaw. Jan 15, 8, 3 0 north carolina.

Do you have a design in mind. Thats where you need to start with some kind of vision. Dave31 Active Member. If it was me I would start with the motor. Its a lot easier to build your MB if you already have the motor first. Thanks guys, I'm going for a friction drive. And I' m not so sure if i want to use a chain saw any more. Got any engine sugestions? Do you want to do forty miles and hour, then get a big saw motor.

You really need to make a wish list then start. For instance I have gotten used to my slower ebike, so a 33cc poulan is what I bought. I don't have it yet, but it's what I plan to use. I plan to build a friction drive with a gravity clutch or lift it off the tire when starting or I stop.

You have to have an idea what you want to do then work toward that. At least that is my opinion for what little it is worth. I like your bike and I looked at a lot of motors on ebay but couldn't get much information on them from the sellers so I went with something I am at least a little familiar with. The poulan motor. Not sure I can make it work but I hope so. Thanks again.

Well I' ll probly get some cash for xmas. Nov 6, 2 18 Ontonagon County,Upper Michigan. Poulan's are cheaper and if you put a better key-way in it, it'll run a whole lot longer. That's the biggest complaint with those saws. They put key-ways in them that don't last long enough and when they go it's enough to make you throw that thing as far as you can!

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