How to know if lovebird is pregnant

how to know if lovebird is pregnant

Is my lovebird pregnant?

Pregnant lovebirds may spend significantly more time than normal perched in one spot so that they can store the energy needed to make or lay the eggs. If you notice your bird remaining stationary for long periods of time or appearing to hide out in a corner, then it may be pregnant. Oct 15,  · Re: Signs of a Pregnant lovebird? Shredding paper is being used as a nesting material. I've seen Lovebirds laid eggs at the petshop regardless of the place. IF a nest box is up, they will shred paper and tuck it on their back end and carry it back into the nest box where they shred it in fine pieces to use it as a nesting material.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. How do i know if the bird is pregnant and what should i do? Birds don't get pregnant, and just because they mate, don't mean they will lay eggs either!!!

If conditions aren't right they won't lay eggs, lvebird that don't make lovebidr person who breeds brillant either, LOL, it makes people who call others names just ignorant!!! If you don't want eggs, or babies split the pair up if they're fighting. Lovebirds are anything but loving when it's breeding season. If you are serious about NOT having a mating pair, then please do your share of NOT having babies by spliting the two up and placing them in two different cages side by side.

They can't harm one another but still be able to see each other. I've literally seen a hen, who were paired for years, tore the male to pieces. Talk about love, LOL! She about had enough of him that day. You can't force two birds that can't stand each other to live together. One how to send message using cmd, one will be kow Im not really sure how to tell when birds are going to lay eggs, but if they do, you can just take the eggs out and it would matter.

As for them fighting, birds tend to get grouchy with eachother during mating season, or at least our birds did. Most of the couples seek medical treatments once they how to build block walls out that the magic is not happening between them.

Well, it is advised to give it some time and wait for about 6 months to a year before you actually seek medical help. Trending News. Remains found in search for missing Amish teen. Recently retired Pats star lands TV gig. As climate anxiety builds, some are opting against kids. Pesky turtle messes with it — and gets away with it. Savannah Guthrie undergoes 'one last' eye surgery.

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Mar 14,  · Signs of pregnant african lovebirds. We will talk about how to know if african lovebird is pregnant. Paano ba malalaman kung buntis ang iyong love bird? Make. how can I tell that my lovebird is pregnant? Answer #1. When a bird is gravid, or is pregnant with an egg, the first signs you'll see are nesting. She'll begin constructing a nest in a corner or nest box with pieces of paper, feathers, straw, hay, and anything else she can get ahold of. She'll also begin to sit in the nest more and more. Apr 07,  · we have 2 lovebirds. one yellow, and one green. the other day the green one kept geting on the back of the yellow one. im worried im gonna have eggs in the cage one day unexpectedly. How do i know if the bird is pregnant and what should i do? i have noticed they have been looking like they are fighting but not hurting each other and their bodies get really puffed up at times. please help.

User Name Remember Me? I bought 2 lovebirds from a petstore about a week or 2 ago and for the past 3 days one of them has been laying in a corner on the floor and I think has been trying to shred the newspaper also. I read that those are signs of a "pregnant" lovebird. Do yall know if theres any other signs? They lived together in the petstore together but If she is pregnant then were they just too stressed to lay eggs in the petstore?

Shredding paper is being used as a nesting material. I've seen Lovebirds laid eggs at the petshop regardless of the place. IF a nest box is up, they will shred paper and tuck it on their back end and carry it back into the nest box where they shred it in fine pieces to use it as a nesting material.

Re: Signs of a Pregnant lovebird? Hm, funny because my male love bird often layed in a corner while shredding paper all around him. Surprisingly, I herd that both love birds can go into nesting. Males supposedly pluck feathers for nesting, and females shred paper. However, my male did both. He wold shred paper and stick them in his tail feathers and in his tent.

Though you should keep in mind that females will lay eggs regardless of a male. So congratulations if your birdies pregnant! As for stress relating to egg laying, that sounds like a possibility. Now that they've found a stable environment maybe they'll be able to produce offspring!

Congrats on the possible babies! This is one of the reasons I suggested you not bring them home, since one is a hybrid it is completely infertile.

So no matter what you will have no chicks, just eggs. This can be dangerous because your bird could become a chronic layer constantly laying eggs which can lead to death. Since these birds have not been properly fed, laying eggs would be a very stressful event on the bird. You need to remove the nest box, or anything like a happy hut that resembles one. You need to bump the food up, seed, pellet, egg food, fresh fruits, veggies, and millet as a treat.

You also need to either use a cuttle bone or calcium supplements in the water. Make it so the bedding paper is not reachable by the hen, it will make her want to lay eggs even more. Your goal is to STOP the egg laying, since no babies can be produced it will do nothing but deplete her calcium and nutrients which she does not need from the diet she has been on.

If she does end up laying eggs, let her have them for a few weeks and then remove them. Quote: Originally Posted by Kawaii. I think they just like to shred the paper because they haven't really made a nest anywhere and she hasn't laid any eggs, if "she" is even a girl. When I save up some money i'm going to get both of them and my hand fed baby dna tested to see what they are.

I usually have wire on the bottom of the cage where they can't get to the paper but I bought this cage from someone and they didn't have the wire to the bottom of the cage. Do they sell just the wire things that sit above the paper some anywhere? Yes you can buy grates online or in most pet stores. You can also pendant sex Lovebirds, it's free and painless. It's always been accurate for me, and it's how I do all my Lovebirds. If you do by chance decide to breed the chicks, remember you will need to wait until the hen is a year and a half.

You do mean pelvic bone sexing right? That's the way I do it with Lovebirds before. Always accurate for me! Yesterday my beloved sun conure, Tinga, died of a sudden, mysterious illness. Signs point to some type of poisoning from an undetermined household source. I am bereft at losing this special friend. If not, at least I will commit to memory notions that otherwise would surely fade away over time and be lost forever.

If you choose to proceed, know that I appreciate your interest. Maybe you will find something of value here for you and your pet. I was living in the Los Angeles suburb of Hawthorne, California in the spring of when my step-daughter, Sarah, and I purchased a five-month-old lovebird, that we named Asha, after an African goddess. Shortly after acquiring Asha, Sarah and I were back at the same pet store and saw a sun conure. We decided we must have one of those as well.

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