How to export a mailbox in exchange 2007

how to export a mailbox in exchange 2007

Mailbox imports and exports in Exchange Server

Jan 31,  · Method 2: Export Exchange Mailbox to PST by using Export-Mailbox PowerShell Cmdlet. As mentioned earlier, if you have Exchange Server installed with SP1, you can export Exchange mailboxes to PST by using the Export-Mailbox PowerShell command. Unlike ExMerge, it’s a more powerful and easier way to export Exchange mailbox to PST. Apr 13,  · The user running the task must be an Exchange Organization Admin or an Exchange Server Admin on the server where the mailbox to export/import lives. Exporting mailboxes to PST files. The most basic cmdlet to export a mailbox to a PST file is as follows: Export-Mailbox –Identity -PSTFolderPath.

At ho previous employer, we had decided that upon termination, we would export the users mailbox to a PST file and store it on a network share with the contents of the Home directory and archive it. We had started by granting ourselves access to the mailbox, connecting to it in Outlook, and manually moving all of the messages over to a newly created PST file attached to Outlook.

There is a fine article at the Petri IT Knowledgebase detailng how to install the management tools with links to the prerequisites.

Here is the article for further details:. Seems silly to me, but it's the way it works. This can be done for one mailbox, t OU, a database, or the entire organization if the proper parameters are used, for my purpose, I am only selecting one mailbox. Get-Mailbox -Identity source domain. I have elected to pipe the output of the Get-Mailbox cmdlet to the Add-MailboxPermission cmdlet to make it how to partition 4tb hard drive for me, anyway to include more than one user.

There are several parameters that are available to the cmdlet; for my purpose hpw archiving a mailbox to a PST I don't need any. Export-Mailbox -Identity source domain. My original use was to exportt terminated users' mailboxes as PST files. PST export process is little bit slow, rest is fine. This procedure is good for Exchange environment.

Nicely explained. The method given in this article i be helpful for those who are not that much into Exchange. The software also lets you to export mailboxes directly malbox Live Exchange Server with a few clicks. Awesome write-up! Thanks for sharing this well explained "How-To's". Though, in exprot cases when you feel interruption during the completion of this task manually, you may consider on Lepide exchange manager that provides an automated solution in order to export users mailboxes into PST without having downtime in a hassle-free manner.

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What do you need to know before you begin?

Jan 09,  · Now that the user account has been granted the appropriate permissions, we can try to run the Export-Mailbox account: Get-Mailbox -Database EXCHSRV1\Database1 | Export-Mailbox -PSTFolderPath PSTpath. EXCHSRV1: Exchange server where the databases are maintained. Database1: Name of the database where you want to export the mailboxes from. Jan 27,  · export-mailbox -id userc -PSTFolderPath -Confirm:$false {etc} You can then run the script by simply typing lovedatingfind.com1 at an Exchange Management shell prompt. The time it takes to export a mailbox to pst is dependent upon the size of the mailbox being exported, and the speed of the systems and disk subsystem. Earlier Exchange users and administrators use the Exmerge utility to export the mailboxes to the Outlook data file from Exchange When Microsoft launch the update of Exchange Server service pack 1 (sp1), then users are able to export the Exchange database mailboxes to the PST file via PowerShell command i.e. Export-Mailbox.

For more information, see Mailbox imports and exports in Exchange Server. The procedures in this topic require the Mailbox Import Export role, which isn't assigned to any role groups by default. To assign the role to a role group that you belong to, see Add a role to a role group. Note that changes in permission require you to log off and log on for the changes to take effect.

You need to export mailboxes to. If the share doesn't have this permission, you'll get errors when you try to export mailboxes to. All other procedures can only be done in the Exchange Management Shell. For information about keyboard shortcuts that may apply to the procedures in this topic, see Keyboard shortcuts in the Exchange admin center.

Having problems? Ask for help in the Exchange forums. The Export to a. On the first page, select the source mailbox, and then select one of these options:. Leave the Send email to the mailbox below when the. Click Browse to add or remove notification recipients. Clear the Send email to the mailbox below when the.

Mailbox export request name : The default value MailboxExport is used, because we aren't using the Name parameter. Content and folders : Content in all folder paths in the source mailbox is replicated in the target.

Priority : Normal , because we aren't using the Priority parameter. Mailbox export request name : The custom name Kathleen Reiter Export is specified by the Name parameter. Specifying a custom name allows more than 10 mailbox export requests for the mailbox. Source mailbox : The archive mailbox for Kathleen Reiter Kathleen's primary mailbox alias is kreiter.

Content and folders : Only content in the Inbox folder of the mailbox is exported regardless of the localized name of the folder. For detailed syntax and parameter information, see New-MailboxExportRequest. In the EAC, click the notification viewer to view the status of the request.

If you created the mailbox export request in the EAC, and selected the option to send notification email messages, check the notification messages. The sender is Microsoft Exchange. If the export request completed successfully, you'll receive another message with the subject Export PST has finished. By default, the Get-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet returns the name, source mailbox, and status of mailbox export requests. If you pipeline the command to the Format-List cmdlet, you'll only get a limited number of additional useful details:.

By default, the Get-MailboxExportRequestStatistics cmdlet returns the name, status, alias of the source mailbox, and the completion percentage of mailbox export requests. If you pipeline the command to the Format-List cmdlet, you'll see detailed information about the mailbox export request. This example returns additional information for mailbox export requests from the mailbox Akia Al-Zuhairi. This example returns the summary list of in-progress mailbox export requests for mailboxes that reside on the mailbox database named DB For detailed syntax and parameter information, see Get-MailboxExportRequest.

This example returns detailed information for the mailbox export request named MailboxExport for Akia Al-Zuhairi's mailbox, including the log of actions in the Report property. You can modify mailbox export requests that haven't completed. You can't modify the fundamental settings of an existing request for example, the source mailbox, target.

This example modifies the failed mailbox export request for the mailbox of Valeria Barrios to accept up to five corrupted mailbox items.

For detailed syntax and parameter information, see Set-MailboxExportRequest. Note : After you modify a suspended or failed mailbox export request, you need to resume it by using the Resume-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet. You can suspend mailbox export requests that are in progress. You can't suspend completed or failed mailbox export requests.

This example suspends the mailbox export request from Kathleen Reiter's mailbox that's named Kathleen Reiter Export. This example suspends all in-progress mailbox export requests with the comment "OK to resume after 10 P. For detailed syntax and parameter information, see Suspend-MailboxExportRequest. You can also use the New-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet with the Suspend switch to create a suspended mailbox export request. You use the Resume-MailboxExportRequest parameter to resume suspended mailbox export requests.

Run this command in the Exchange Management Shell, and verify that the suspended mailbox export request is listed:. For detailed syntax and parameter information, see Resume-MailboxExportRequest. If you remove a partially completed mailbox export request, the request is removed from the MRS job queue.

Any content that's already been exported from the source mailbox isn't removed from the target. By default, completed mailbox export request are removed after 30 days you can override this value with the CompletedRequestAgeLimit parameter , and failed requests aren't automatically removed.

But, if you use the RequestExpiryInterval parameter when you create or modify a mailbox export request, these results are available:. RequestExpiryInterval with a timespan value : Completed and failed requests are automatically removed after the specified timespan. RequestExpiryInterval with the value unlimited : Completed and failed requests aren't automatically removed.

For detailed syntax and parameter information, see Remove-MailboxExportRequest. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode.

Procedures for mailbox exports to. Important The procedures in this topic require the Mailbox Import Export role, which isn't assigned to any role groups by default. Tip Having problems? Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback? Skip Submit.

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