How to earn a zcard on zwinky

how to earn a zcard on zwinky

How Do Get A Free Zwinky Gift Card Codes?

Jul 06,  · This is going to help you get a zcard the (easy) way no password no cheats no links! I hope this video helped. Just Click On The Little Green Button On Your Right Hand Corner And it Says "Earn Zcard" Just Click That And Go To The Free Survey And Fill it Out And By A Couple Of Days Your Money Should Be in =) Or Just Click Tab Twice And Then AltF4 And Bamm You Should Have A Refill About Like 3OO Zcard Money Refill =) Add My Zwinkyy O2! iim_juzt_dat_betch.

By: John Fuller. Most civilizations develop their own currencies, and Zwinktopia is no different. ZBucks are the preferred virtual tender used by Zwinky users, and people use them to purchase goods and zdinky around the Zwinktopia virtual world. All Zwinky users start off with ZBucks, and these funds can be put zdinky a Zcard account.

The Zcard is somewhat like a debit card in the real world how to build closet organizer it's used to buy any item in Zwinktopia, farn with special premium zcardd that users can get only with the Zcard. So how do Zwinkies earn ZBucks? Well, there's more than one way. For instance, simply walking around and exploring Zwinktopia is one way to earn ZBucks. For each different place you visit, whether it's a single building or a larger, general area, you can earn one ZBuck, and you can collect up to 30 ZBucks per day.

Playing games, ezrn, is where the real cash is found. After finishing a game, you have the option of cashing in your score, which turns your performance into cold, hard ZBucks. The average game generates between 15 and 30 ZBucks for ewrn, and Zwinkies can what country is volvo from up to ZBucks per day playing games.

Members also get 10 ZBucks for every friend they invite to join Zwinky -- there's a maximum of 10 invitations and ZBucks per month. However, you'll also get an extra 50 ZBucks for every person who actually joins the service -- again, there's a maximum of 10 joins and ZBucks. If members simply want to take the easy path to ZBucks, they can purchase them and add them to their Zwlnky by using a major credit card or PayPal account. Zwinky users can use Zbucks to purchase clothing items, zwiinky they can acquire at the Zwinchester mall in Zwinktopia by adding clothes to their virtual shopping bags.

But there's more to buy with Zbucks than just clothes. Users can also buy food and drinks at The Caf or at Java Jolt. And don't forget that you can also purchase and decorate a dorm room at ZSU.

Prev NEXT. Social Networking. Social Networks. A Zcard account, which users can add ZBucks to with real money, lets Zwinky members purchase how to prevent rugs from curling and services in Zwinktopia.

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Dec 23,  · Hey guys i hope you guys all enjoyed this! Thank you once again for watching and if you want your free 1kk zcard email me at [email protected]!:D. Hey this is william, i made this account to help the people of Zwinktopia by giving you a Email that can give you a free zcards and SuperPowers such as The B. This is zwinky website

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Ask a Question. Anonymous answered. I need zcard please. I would like to have atleast 1, And my username is aj There is one website but I can't tell you yet because I need to test it first I don't want you all to get hacked.

I got mines in www. Caitlyn Beiggs answered. You cannot get a free zcard on Zwinky. No matter what you do, you will never get a free zcard.

If someone asks you "Hey do you want a zcard? I won't hack I swear and I promise. It will be a hack and they will hack your account. The only safest, and the only real way to get a zcard is if you purchase it with your own credit card. Well buy 1 or go 2 target and buy it!

The only way you can get a free zcard without buying, or someone else buying it for you is to do some offers. Go to the Zwinky. Offer-pal Media. In this performance, you will have to do a few surveys to earn a certain amount of zcard. You can choose what type of Surveys you'd like to do.

I was on this website very long ago.. I put in my pass and stuff and got a free one 80 days l8r any1 remember the site? Oh my god you guys r all fags you have to go on to zwinky and someone to buy you what you want.

If you want a free zcard go to wix. I want a zcard so much but beacause I live in london I can not get one coz dey don't sell dem in london I have had a zwinky for 3 yearsz now and still do not have a zcard I have tried signing up 2 dah sitesz and I have not reached up to a certen point 2 get a zcard!!!!

Plsz help me!!! Go to www. Theres websites where you can earn it and you can earn zcard on zwinky. Do the free ones and email subscripions and all tht. Thts how I got my zcard and do a few everyday and get at least a day. If you want this you can do www. You can get a clubpenguin membership there too. Well, I no how to but I can't tell you!!! Ha ha ha!!! I hav one, because I'm clever, just go to a certen website, ill give you a hint it ends in.

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