How to distress shorts with scissors

how to distress shorts with scissors

How To Turn Jeans Into Distressed Jean Shorts Tutorial

Jul 20,  · DIY shorts from jeans NO SEW. Here's how to distress jeans with scissors. Turn your old boring jeans into new distressed jeans just by one simple technique. Step 3: Distress Your Shorts Draw parallel and horizontal lines which are about 2 cm apart where you want the distressed design to be. Then, use your scissors to cut along these lines. Once you are done, place your fingers under one of the cut parts.

Hey everyone! I had a pair of bright yellow skinny jeans that looked great on me, but unfortunately, they had a stain on them on the pant leg. Simple turn your long pants into short pants. You can do this with any type of pants, but only attempt to distress denim shorts. Distressed shorts are basically shorts that have shaggey edges, rips, tears, fringe, or look worn out. I think this style is fabulous, and I love the outcome of my shorts! I hope they still fit when I get to college!

Here are hwo the Steps and Tools Used in this Tutorial:. Hey guys! First get a pair of jeans that fit around the waist area. They fit well and have cute studs on the pocket. Get a pencil and mark where you want to cut. Make the lines on both sides even and mark the inside seams too.

Get some scissors that can cut through fabric, mine were from Walmart, and cut a little slit on one side of the shorts, at the place you marked with the pencil.

Cut the front hkw of the pants to the inseam. Do the same thing on the other side. Now flip the pants over and cut to the marked line. Fold the pants over and match up the two sides, then cut the same shape on the other half of the pants. This ensures that the sides will be even. This is what your shorts should look like. Get a box cutter or utility knife like this one, and use it to fray the edges of the shorts. If you do a back and forth motion it makes some stray strands pop out and roughens up the edges.

It gives the nice frayed look which is what distressed shorts are all about! Do this all distrrss the edges of the pants. How to steam spinach in microwave stab it, drag it, pull it, rip it, whatever you want to do the the edges, just make them look jaggedy. Shotts is what it looks like after I tore apart the edges of the shorts.

Pretty good huh? Get out your knife and have fun! This process did take a little while, so be patient. It takes even longer to distress the body of the shorts! Then, get a pin scisssors a tack and use it to individually pull out the horizontal threads. Now you want to fray the edges of the slits above and below the shredded part.

Now cut three slits over the pocket area with your scissors. Do the same thing to this area that you just did to the side of the shorts. I also did this to the other side but with only two slits. This takes a very long time if you do it right, so be patient. Now your distressed shorts are finished! These are what they look like on.

If you guys try this out on your pants, tweet me a picture so I can see your creation! Distrses for stopping by! Please subscribe to my blog if you like it! Pingback: High Waisted Jean Shorts. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tools Needed -pair of jeans -scissors that can cut through fabric -utility knife or box cutter -tack, needle, or pin Photo Gallery Video Transcribed: Hey guys!

I have the same yellow skinny jeans that I what is a long neck dinosaur thinking about turning into shorts!!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Oct 28,  · Subscribe and distressing jean shorts o. Apr 28,  · Cut your jeans using existing shorts as a template. If you have another existing pair of shorts, straighten out your jean legs and place the shorts overtop. This will give you a visual template of how short to cut your shorts. Make sure the shorts 76%(27). Get some scissors that can cut through fabric, mine were from Walmart, and cut a little slit on one side of the shorts, at the place you marked with the pencil. Cut the front part of the pants to the inseam. Do the same thing on the other side. Now flip the pants over and cut to the marked line.

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Otherwise, gather your supplies and get to fraying! Make your own stylish frayed shorts by cutting them to the right length and distressing them until you get the effect you want. When picking your denim, go 1 size up to ensure a comfortable fit and look for a boxier fit to avoid shorts that are too tight. Once you pick your shorts, put them on in front of a mirror and use chalk to mark exactly where you want to cut them. After marking your shorts, use a ruler to make a straight line about 1 inch below your chalk mark so you leave room for the fraying.

Cut along the marked line, then run sandpaper or a razor blade along the cut mark to start the fraying. Wash your shorts 1 to 3 times in the washing machine to give your shorts a more naturally distressed look. To learn how to make your shorts look more distressed, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Decide whether you want to rip, fray, or distress your shorts. Although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they actually mean different things. Ripping means creating a tear or a hole in the fabric of your shorts, distressing means to make the shorts look worn-in, and fraying means to pull the loose threads out of the hems and holes.

Choose linen, cotton, or denim shorts. For the best look, go with soft linen, cotton, or denim shorts so you can pull the threads out of the bottom of the shorts. Pick the tool to achieve the look that you want. You can also use multiple tools if you want a combination of styles on your shorts.

Choose between: [3] X Research source A razor: for scrapes and frays. Sandpaper: for an overall distressed look. Tweezers: for removing thread from a raw hem. A seam ripper: for small cuts and tears. Fray the pockets and edges, distress the overall shorts. You can fray the pockets, too, and create small holes or tears in them. Then, you can give your shorts an overall distressed look to match the frayed pockets and edges.

Wash your shorts before and after your project. Then, once the project is over, give them another run through the wash cycle to expose more loose threads and distress them just a little bit more. Method 2 of Spread your shorts out on a flat surface. Put a piece of cardboard inside your shorts.

Slide the cardboard inside your shorts to protect the other side of the material as you use your razor. As you move to new areas, take the cardboard out and put it back in to protect your shorts the entire time. Use a straight razor to create holes in the shorts. For small holes, take the sharp end of your razor and carefully cut in a straight line. Press down hard enough to make a clean cut, then rub the edges of the hole with your fingers to fray the loose threads.

The placement of your cuts is up to you! Go near the bottom hem, the pockets, or just below the butt of your shorts for a cute, distressed look.

Scrape a disposable razor across the hems and edges. To fray the edges of your shorts, grab a disposable shaving razor and place it flat down on your shorts. Rub it quickly back and forth to scuff up the material and make some frays.

Your final look will be frayed jeans with holes all over. Method 3 of Plus, it can avoid disasters like cutting 2 holes too close to each other and creating one mega-hole. Use scissors to make small cuts in your shorts. If you would like to cut open your jeans, grab a pair of scissors and start snipping.

You can cut in a straight line or create a square cutout for a larger hole. Rub a piece of sandpaper all over your shorts for a distressed look. To make your shorts feel and look softer, grab a piece of sandpaper and rub it firmly all over your shorts.

Use the sandpaper to fray the holes you cut earlier. Grab the same piece of sandpaper and rub it firmly over the holes you cut to pop out the loose threads. This does have the potential to make the holes bigger, so be careful! Your final look will be soft, distressed shorts that look lived-in and worn. Method 4 of Work in small sections to avoid holes that are too big. Cutting holes in your jeans will make them fray over time, and picking the threads out with tweezers or a seam ripper speeds up that process.

To avoid fraying your shorts too much, try to work in sections about 1 in 2. Create a small cut in your shorts with scissors. Use the tweezers or seam rippers to pick out individual threads. Grab a pair of tweezers or seam rippers and use them to pick out loose threads as you see them in your shorts.

On other materials, you might have to pinch and pull in small sections to fray your cuts. When you wash your shorts, the areas will become more frayed on their own. Your final look will be a slightly frayed area with individual threads sticking out. Your shorts will become more frayed the more you wash them.

Make a score with scissors while they're on a hard surface and off your body. After several scores along the same line, they should be turning white.

Using a ruler can help keep them straight if you want. Make a small snip in the middle of the line away from the seams and then hook your fingers in and pull. This will take some effort and strength. If you want to remove the leg then you can cut across the seams, as you will not be able to rip them. To rough up the edge pieces that you cut with the scissors, use the inside edge of the scissors to rub them as if you were sanding a piece of wood. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 6. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. How your shorts look is up to you! The more you fray them, the more distressed they will look.

Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. This will pull out all the loose threads.

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