How to connect sky to two tvs

how to connect sky to two tvs

Connecting sky box to two tv's

May 13,  · There are two methods - a length of co-axial aerial-type cable from the Sky machine's RF Out socket to a "magic eye" and then to the extension TV which you tune to analogue channel 68 - or a wireless videosender from Sky Scart to TV Scart which sends the channel one way and the remote control back the other. Oct 29,  · Im working on a pub and they ask me to play videoclips using a usb connected directly to the tv on 2 tvs with video and sound synchronized, I though about mirroring the video played on 1st TV to the 2nd TV using a HDMI extensor, also i need to use a wireless solution.

For this option, you will need to run co-ax aerial cable from the back of your Sky box to the back of the second TV set. Ideally, you should try to use high-quality double-screen co-ax aerial cable how to remove dry urine stains from mattress reduce interference. Tva can buy extension kits in different lengths at Maplin and Argos. See below for an example of an extension kit.

Once you have the aerial lead in place, on the back of the Sky box, you will find two aerial output sockets, labeled RF1 and RF2. Connect one end of your aerial extension lead to the RF2 socket, and the other end to the second TV set. With the connection in place, the last step is to tune the second TV into the output of the Sky box. By default, your Sky box should be broadcasting cinnect Channel 68, so tune a spare preset on your telly to that channel, and you should be in business. More than one TV?

If you want to connect to more than one TV, consider a splitter or booster:. This plugs in between the aerial cable and your second TV tl, and has a little infrared eye that you position near your TV. When you point a Sky remote at the eye, the signal shoots down the aerial wire to the Sky box, and changes channel. Get a Wireless Video Sender kit, which has a transmitter and receiver. Wireless AV senders are available from Maplin. Getting a second Sky box for the other room is normally the more expensive option, but it does give you the flexibility to watch a different digital TV channel in each room.

There will be an installation fee and a monthly Multiroom subscription — For current prices, or to order Sky Multiroom, go to sky. With Sky Multiroomyou will have a separate Sky box for each room. Each box will be cabled to your satellite dish. More on LNBs. Look for a booster with a Digital Bypass Last resort: If you still have no luck, check that the cables are connected correctly, power off how to enable cookies safari ipad Sky box and try again HELP?

Ask in our satellite TV forum. I have tried to tune my TV but with no success. I dont seem to have any spare pre sets on my TV. I eky only connct a poor picture through tuning on analogue. I have a problem finding a 3.

Please help now going mad. Regards Roger. Hi Roger, make sure you ho connected the coax cable correctly. HI I have just had a new skyplus box fitted and it does not have an aerial connection for a booster box any advice please.

You need to get connecct IO convertor. On the back of your new sky box is an IO hole. It goes in there. Sky have done got rid of them so you buy multi room. So a sender unit in the cupboard and then 2 receivers — 1 for each TV set located around the house? Can anyone help I have two TVs connected by magic eye that worked fine now if I have both TVs on I can watch sky on the second TV and change channels record you name it.

I have the red light on the magic eye and the 9 volt also I have metered out the cable all is okay. I have been told Sky have done a software update could this be the problem. Please any ideas would help.

Hi Fred get i0 link from Maplin and connect to io port on new type sky box with sky plus cheers ,picture on other TV not HD though. I am currently having the same problem Kev, I had my relatives set up working fine for months now 2nd TV freezes when primary is turned off. I think it must be a feature that shuts down sky box when 1st TV is off although green light on sky box remains on. Also I have my home tvs connected through hdmi splitter and found that the 2nd TV keeps turning itself on when left in standby It all leads me to think its some stupid connnect, if anyone could give any help it would greatly appreciated.

I have the same set up. Everytime sky do a software update this happens. You have ho do your own update. Search for it. It involves holding down the back up button until all the lights come on. Hi great site thanks you. I have a difficult set up. Sky to hmdi splitter then how to awaken the chakras to four rooms. Works great.

Coax to a few other tvs also The aerial splitter im using is 2 in 8 out so aerial in and sky rf2 in. What to test… ps also not sure about the inputs uhs and vhs. Thanks for any responses. Hi Just installed a second tv using the rf 2 port and seems to what does a data analyst need to know working fine but when I now record on the sky I cannot watch any other channel.

I get a message saying no signal detected. Any help would be appreciated. I do not have an Ethernet cable long enough. Any info would be great. I am wondering if anyone knows if I run an HDMI cable to improve the picture quality on the second TV if the magic to will still work? Hi, slight variation here but struggling to find an answer anywhere else.

But cant get sky is it ok to use a wall socket aerial feed or dos it have to be run from a roof aerial thanks for any helpe. I have only 1 TV running now i.

Can I add another skybox for a second TV into this already existing setup? Hi, I currently have a sky box in my living room and a multi room box in the kids playroom. I have just built a garden room at the end of my garden, some 30 metres away. What is the best way to get Sky to the garden room? Is it option 1? Would this work as it is approximately 40 metres from living room sky box to the proposed garden room site.

I just wondered if the distance between TVs and the long cable run would be a problem. Or is option 2 a better option with those wireless video sender kit? Thanks Ade. I have sky plus in main room and had multi room to second set in bedroom via coax cable and magic eye from the sky box in main room. This worked fine,i then wanted to change the tv in bedroom The trouble conbect this only scans on digital channels.

How do i scan for sky signals??? Can anybody help?? Hi Dave, Later boxes do not have any RF connectors. They are how to prepare for thanksgiving dinner ahead of time from Sky or elsewhere e. There are some other suppliers too such as Triax how to get rid of scabies at home remedies. Can I still use the How to remove water spots from car Output to transmit the signal thought the house?

I HAVE cabling from each room to the attic and no general aerial. I assume from the above that if I plug the box to the aerial point and then put a three way splitter this will go to all tvS. We have bought another TV and want to be able yvs do the same but do not know how to go about it.

The other TVs were set up by a technician. At the moment all we can receive on the new TV is Freeview. Any ideas please. TV technology is always improving, making it harder to keep updated with the latest TV signal sending techniques.

Hi, I have sky installed in one room. I want to move the sky box and tv to another room. The sky box has two feeds from the dish. I bought two Aerial splitters to extend the cable run to the other room. When I connect up both splitters I get no signal.

Am I able to extend the cable using two splitters to move the sky box to another room please. Thanx, Jeff. I am big fan twwo sky tv. This article is really good for all newbie. Thanks for sharing this info. Luckily, I happen ssky bump into this blog. Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic.


Yes, you can connect two TVs to a single set top box. However, the same content will play on both the Great Indian Channel Which Serves You The Best. Run the aerial cable from your Sky box to your second TV, and plug the other end into your tvLink. Plug your tvLink into the second TV’s aerial socket. Position your tvLink ’s magic eye (the part that looks like a computer mouse) with a clear line of sight to your Sky remote. With conventional Sky playback systems, you would have your main Sky HD box in your lounge and then from the back of the box, a coaxial cable would connect usually to an RF2 output or an i/0 link add on modulator on later models to an extra TV and you could control .

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next Sort by votes. Oct 5, 1 0 0. Im working on a pub and they ask me to play videoclips using a usb connected directly to the tv on 2 tvs with video and sound synchronized, I though about mirroring the video played on 1st TV to the 2nd TV using a HDMI extensor, also i need to use a wireless solution.

Aug 27, 14, , 7, You will also need an 1 in 2 out HDMI distribution amp to split the output. I want to connect my samsungg phone to my rca smart tv. How do i do this. I can not find mirror on my phone. Similar threads Solved! Is there a licensing issue when mirroring cable stations Solved! Trying to mirror an s8 to a hisense Solved! Post thread. Laptop Tech Support. Question Pyle av souround reciever was working great as i just bought it but now it keeps kicking off and on the screen it says protect what could be the probl Started by Carmelocassenti Apr 11, Replies: 0.

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