How to book a coupe in indian railways

how to book a coupe in indian railways

How to make train reservation in Indian Railways?

Nov 18,  · I make honest videos regularly! Please consider subscribing to this channel!:)When you choose the coupe while booking the first class ticket in Indian railw. Go to your IRCTC Account. Login. Select your starting point and destination point. Select your preferred class i.e First class AC,Cabin or couple section/coupe. Enter your name and your spouse/Mate’s name and age. Proceed for payment. Wait with the Confirmed Ticket upto chart preparation.

Sometimes we need to send some luggage to our relatives, friends or the workplace by train, even when we are not traveling. Luggage may be boxes, a basket of fruits, books and household materials. Then how to send them by the Indian Railways? Is there any option to send a parcel to our relatives? Here in this article, we will discuss the procedure of booking luggage with the Indian Railways to make you informed that sending a parcel in your absence is safe in Indian Railways.

Indian Railways has certain r ules for transporting luggage to a place by train. Indian Railways offers some free allowances for luggage that is within the weight limit. This rule permits the passenger to transport luggage in the compartmen t without paying extra charges to the Indian Government.

However, the parcel beyond the weight limit is chargeable. Also Read : How to make train reservations in Indian Railways? According to the Indian Railways website, boxes, trunks, and suitcase measuring cm. But luggage beyond such measurement requires booking. Indian Railways has not put any restriction on the quantity and type of luggage carried in the brake van of passenger trains. Luggage of larger size needs to be carried by only brake van.

The minimum charge for large luggage is Rs. The patients along with oxygen cylinder and other medical implements can travel in any class. They need no permission or booking. According to the Railway website, a huge amount of surcharge is needed on luggage weighing kg.

The luggage for booking needs to be presented 30 minutes before the departure of the respective train. Luggage that is not permitted to carry by train even by booking include explosives, offensive materials, inflammable articles, acids, and empty gas cylinders.

If people along with a lot of luggage want to travel by trainit is better to book luggage online to avoid the hassle. People carry two types of luggage- one heavy luggage along with them while traveling and others, luggage while not traveling.

In the second case, booking is needed following Indian Railway guidelines. First, you can approach the station master to inform him about your luggage transfer. Some large or heavy luggage needs transfer charges, which you have to pay to the government through station master.

Fill the luggage booking form of Indian Railways. You may get the form online. Then complete payment following what to use to remove glue from hardwood floors formalities.

Indian Railway sets charges as per the weight and delicacy of luggage. After completing payment formalities, you will receive an online booking receipt that you should print out.

You may simply go to the parcel office near your railway what is playing at the dollar theater. First, fill the parcel booking form and fulfill other formalities. Then leave your luggage at the parcel office. To book luggage you should bring with you at parcel office any ID proof issued by the Government and train ticket. Step 1 : Pack and parcel the luggage that you want to send by train. If you packing books, tie them and wrap them with paper and then put the books in a box.

If you are sending glass items, then wrapping with a paper put in a box and mark how to live in thailand box with a label fragile for safety and extra care.

What did the 3 wise kings bring jesus 2 : After completing the package you need to reach the parcel office of the station where you how to install utility pole meet parcel officers.

They will guide you about the things you need to do. After completing formalities, they will give you a receipt and parcel number, which you have to keep with you safely. Step 3 : Hand over the parcel to parcel officers of the station. Step 4 : Now, wait for the arrival of the parcel to the destination.

The delivery time is 3 to 5 days. Step 5 : If you are sending gold jewelry, you must attach insurance policies with it. So you need to do much paperwork. Step6 : You have to submit the necessary documents including I D proof to the parcel office before sending the luggage to the destination. The following maximum free allowance limits, marginal allowance limits, are allowed to be carried of luggage in the compartment of Indian Railways:.

In case of damage or loss of luggage, you will get back the booking value of the luggage. You will be given the claimed amount that will not be more than the value of luggage declared at the time of booking the luggage. Thus you can book your luggage with the Indian railways.

For safety and comfort journey, Indian railways have how to relax in a stressful environment some rules for booking luggage. To avoid hassle Indian railways are offering proper steps or procedures on how to book luggage by train. In order to transport the luggage in the how to get epoxy off your hands, the owner first will have to first present the luggage in the baggage office of the station.

He or she will have to do it at least 30 minutes before the actual departure time. If the passenger is booking the accommodation in advance then they will also be able to book the luggage in advance. No you cannot book your luggage in train online. You will have to go to the baggage office physically and get it done.

In order to transport the luggage in the train you will have to pay the packing or the porter charge somewhere between Rs. These charges will be for packing and also delivery. The minimum charges for carrying luggage in the Indian railways will be Rs. There are no restrictions on the amount of luggage you can carry in the train. For AC first class, you can carry a maximum of kgs, for AC 2 tier sleeper, you can carry a maximum of kgs, for AC 3 tier sleeper, you can carry a maximum of 40 kgs and you can carry a maximum of 80 kgs in the sleeper class.

In order to transport your bike, you will simply have to reach the station about 3 to 4 hours before the actual departure of the train.

You will have to first go to the parcel office in order to pay the charges for carrying the bike. You will have to get a ticket and also a delivery challan. You will have to show this challan when you will collect the bike from the end station. The fees for bike parceling and the bike transport charges would be somewhere between Rs.

If you are carrying 70 kgs of luggage in AC first class, then you will not have to pay anything, however, if you carry up to a maximum of kgs luggage but for doing so you will have to pay extra money. For carrying 50 kgs luggage in ac 2 what is the sentence for statutory rape in california sleeper, you will not have to pay anything, but if you want to carry luggage above 50 kgs and up to a maximum of kgs you will have to pay extra.

The free allowance for AC 3 tier and sleeper class is 40 kgs. In sleeper class you can carry luggage up to a maximum of 80 kgs, but for luggage above 40 kgs, you will have to pay an extra charge. In trains passengers can carry their luggage. However, if you want you can be there in the luggage office 30 minutes in advance and get the necessary permission. If one is carrying luggage more than kgs then he or she has to pay a hefty amount of surcharge.

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There is a While booking 1AC Ticket, there is a option of Coupe & Cabin in a Birth selection Option. If you are 2 Pax Travelling, select Coupe Option & 4 Pax Travelling, select Cabin Option. There is a more chance to get as per your selection if you are doing as per above selection. Feb 18,  · IRCTC Indian Railways Luggage Rules. Indian Railways has certain rules for transporting luggage to a place by train. Indian Railways offers some free allowances for luggage that is within the weight limit. This rule permits the passenger to transport luggage in the compartment without paying extra charges to the Indian lovedatingfind.comr, the parcel beyond the weight limit is . Sep 27,  · Some steps to book a ticket through tickets counter. You must go to the nearest railway station and request for the reservation form. Fill the passenger’s details, (Like: Train No. & Name, Date of Journey, Class, No. of berth/seat, station from and to, .

Train ticket booking is a confirmation that you have booked a particular berth in the selected class of train until you reach your destination. Tickets can be booked in various ways, through railway station ticket counters, online booking, Paytm etc.

Travellers need a reservation in Indian railways on all classes except general class. If you are travelling in general class you just need to buy the tickets. Here are the ways to make a reservation in Indian Railways. There are some travel portals through which you can easily book your tickets or make the reservation nowadays. Such as Cleartrip. Other than these portals there are few sites of Indian railway which you can find useful. Like, irctc. When you are finished with the booking , an email and a message will be to the registered mobile number with the required details.

Generally, there are some options which you may not find while online booking but you can find them if you come to book the tickets or for reservation in person.

Like senior citizens, ladies quota some others. Some steps to book a ticket through tickets counter. Indian Railway Administration provides reservation if berths, seats, compartment. Travellers need to buy the tickets from the railway reservation office or authorized travel agency. They can reserve upto days advance, in case passengers have any doubt about the availability of seats.

A person can book tickets for a maximum of six passengers. The 10 digit PNR number you receive when your booking is finished, is very important. Because during the journey if you fail to provide the number, you will be treated as travelling without ticket and can be charged. Service charge minimum of Rs. This is the main site if Indian Railway. Here you can find every category from Tatkal, Child tickets, senior citizens to tickets for persons with disabilities.

You can find senior citizen tickets at a concessional rate. Also Read : History of Indian Railways — to It provides world-class facilities and services which will provide you with a lifetime experience.

Luxurious accommodation , world-class dining, lovely cultural performances will entertain you and will take care of you. After you complete the registration process, get inside the website with the user login, and click on the top left side of the screen to get details about it. Give information about the station from where you need to depart.

Also, add the station name from where you want to start the start journey. If no train available for your travel for the chosen destinations. In such cases, try to give some different stations available.

You can see the list of trains available to choose from the nearby stations or use the filter type to choose your train and class of travel. After you complete the train selection process along with the class type, check the availability of beds in the train.

When you check this, you will be able to see the train fare for the travel. See the check the availability of beds in the chosen train along with the train fare during the booking process.

If there is no train seats or beds available for your train travel, your name will be added on the waitlist. If the status is RAC, then it means you can still get the seat on the chosen train. But the beds will be allocated to you only based on the cancellations. If you prefer to book a Waitlist ticket, you will not be allowed unless there were enough cancellations by the other passengers.

On doing this, you will be redirected to the reservation page where you will be able to see all the details of the selected train under Availability. Just fill the personal information requested on the page, and complete the payment. You can do a similar process without doing the log in formalities on the Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Inquiry website.

No matter whether you do the registration through the online counter or online procedure, you can check the status on the website. If you have a RAC or waiting list for the reserved ticket, you will be given the option to check the status of the ticket in the v using the option Check PNR Status under Enquiries.

You need to give your obtained PNR number to get the status. The cancellation option is available for the booked candidates, so before the departure, you can cancel it. But you should cancel it before 24 hours from the time of departure.

As most of the beds available in this class will be cancelled at the last time, you will get the best chance to get the beds for your travel. Indian standard time.

You can afford the services at this time. At this time, click Ticket Booking under Services for the booking. During the busiest travel periods, it is difficult to get the seats in the last month, so bookings will be open for the travelers days before the departure. Using this option, you can book the tickets ASAP.

If you take more time to book your class type, you will find your name on the waiting list because of the increased demand for booking.

If you visit the counter for booking, you have to meet the disorderly crowd in the queue for booking. Instead, choose the online train ticket booking method on the IRCTC website to book your tickets in the smoothest way. Sometimes you will get the error message at the time of your booking process.

In such times, you need to be more patient and refresh the browser to re-enter your transaction. Sometimes the name of the station differs from the place name from where you need to travel to reach your destination.

In such cases, do a little search, and it can be done researching on the trains list on the Glance time table. Many a number of quota schemes are available at the time of travel in the Indian Railways. In popular trains, last-minute bookings are permitted. In this method of booking, beds will be released for the booking, 24 hours earlier. Foreigners will get Foreign Tourist Quota to obtain the bed in peak times.

The availability of both quotas should be seen in the Reservation Inquiry website at the time of checking the availability of your desired train. You will need the ID proofs during filling up the details. And photocopies are a must. You should keep a few scanned passport size photos.

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