How far can a remington 700 shoot accurately

how far can a remington 700 shoot accurately

How Far Can a 30 06 Shoot Accurately and Effectively?

Jul 20, †Ј If you're on a budget, and are looking for the most bang for your buck, it's hard to beat a Savage 10 FP in If you really want to reach out, the Remington Police in Win. Mag. will do an excellent job at 1, yards with good glass and Sierra Gr. Matchkings. Bill T. Jul 22, †Ј The reason is, once again, volume of sales. This holds true even if the Weatherby is loaded by a non propitiatory company such as Remington. The cost is still far higher than the Win. Mag. because far more Winchester Magnums are in service than Weatherby's. It is extremely expensive to set up an ammunition production line.

Remember Me? Advanced Search. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Join Date Feb Posts Does anyone have experience with it, do you like it or hate it. Thanks in advance. There's a website specifically for this round Had one in a Rem. I am told it was the exception to the rule. I really wanted it to work as I have been a fan of the. Posts Bluto I don't own a Ruger. It's very hard to judge a rifle's performance without knowing how the shooter sets up for practice.

By this I mean is a shooter shooting for group instead of just shooting. If you can determine the conditions of the day at a range you have your best chance of seeing how well your rifle will shoot. From what I see at the range groups under an inch with a factory rifle are not common. Some shooters get under an inch but these are shooters that how to fix lazy susan corner cabinet regularly and have a good sense of what it takes to shoot well.

But if these better shooters show you all their groups that day you will see that some of their groups had fliers usually caused by missing a wind condidition or not being consistent in their bench skills. I shoot BR mostly but pull out my factory guns from time to time. I don't expect to shoot one hole groups like my BR guns will do but I know from many years of shooting my factory guns what they will do. Bluto shoot your. Work on reading conditions and using a solid setup at your bench.

Stephen Perry Angeles BR. Join Date Dec Location St. Louis, MO Posts 9. It eats varmints as needed. Bluto, I have had the. I didn't think the X-Mark trigger was that how to make someone forget something but anyone that shoots Jewell triggers wouldn't.

Mine now has a Jewell set at about 1. I also mounted a Mueller Eraticator 8. Mine shoots 39grain Sierra Blitzkings wonderfully about. The 39 grains at smokes groundhogs and punches paper just as gloriously as a faster round. To be honest, I really don't see me shooting this rifle at anything over unless conditions are absolutely perfect due to the windage affects. When your shooting at something " wide it doesn't take much to move that little bullet.

I personally don't get much better performance out of my with a 55 grain V-Max but the difference is that I can watch the show through the scope of the with almost NO recoil. It's kinda fun to see the holes appear in the paper and the confirmation of the kill right through the glass. That's what I like about it. If I had to do it again, I would have one custom chambered with a neck at about 0. The one in my rifle is about. Perhaps I'll learn to anneal them someday when I get more time In my opinion the round is a sales gimmick and not much more than that.

There are other 20 caliber rounds that perform much better and I would suggest you check them out before spending money on a Ruger.

Good point Onomrbl does have a point. Truth is that when I bought that rifle I bought a factory gun for dinking around and didn't want to spend a fortune. If I was truly doing a "custom" on the twenty caliber bullet, I would most likely go with a 20 Tactical or maybe a 20PPC.

I heard you can buy 20 TAC brass from Lapua now also Thanks for the info Stephen yes yes yes I will shoot for pleasure, thats what its all about. A factory gun without any trigger work, has a single set trigger. Surprised the heck out of me for a rimfire. The CZs seem to be what everyone claims, tack drivers! Join Date Jul Posts I have a cooper m21 in ruger and I love it. Mine shows a preference for the Sierra's, both the 32 and the I shoot mine at just over fps.

Because it is so fast it seriously reduces drop and drift. Also, how to interact with customers has a higher BC than a similar weight 22 cal.

I consistently hit eggs with mine at yards I think it will be effective to pretty consistently. Silverfish and how to get rid of them Date May Posts It is a great round and accurate as well as very efficent.

You might want to have a look! Join Date Jan Posts Love It! For many years I shot Swifts but bought the just to try something new. I really like the Savage it is one of the most accurate rifles I've owned. Topped with a Leupold 8. I like the 39 grain Sierra with Winchester in Nosler custom brass, but everything I've tried has been accurate including Hornady factory loads.

One complaint--it's ugly, at least to my eyes that were raised on walnut and blued steel. Someday I might just build a pretty to replace the Savage, but in the meantime I'm going to do my best to shoot out that Savage's barrel.

Accuracy with factory ammo was amazing to me. Had to clean the barrel after every shots to do that tho Started reloading and learned powder choice could negate the need to clean by reducing copper fouling. I'm not a rich man. That Sav has my only 12X42NF bolted on top of it. I've replaced the barrel five times now. One tube does'nt count as it came with no stamp or flutes.

Not legal for factory so it just sits. The original barrel and the fourth were capable of agging groups folks on this forum would need to ignore. That ability usually does'nt last long before you need to start retweaking.

The other two barrels are dogs although I haven't totally given up on 5 just yet. I won't accept a Sav factory tube that can't agg under. It gets unscrewed and tossed. In my expierience if they'll agg at. Takes a lot of expierimenting and barrel life to get there. Not worth it to most people. I'm getting to that point myself.

If that first barrel had'nt been such a hummer I probably would have given up on the too. Its easy enough to shoot a tiny group occassionally. You want to get a factory to even think about agging near. Both copper and carbon. Thats a subject rarely discussed on shooting forums. In short the is capable of some excellent accuracy.

Theres been matches where I wish I had left the ppc at home and brought my Savage. It can also be a real turd if you haven't how to play 1000 reasons on guitar all the planets aligned just right or the barrel just says no. Bluto65 - I had a Cooper Phoenix in and it would consistently shoot under one-half inch with 32, 35, and 39 gr bullets.

It liked the 35 Bergers and 39 Sierras best though. I am one of those folks who also think that it is a to yard cartridge. Not that it can't kill past that point it just doesn't do it as decisively.

.204 Ruger opinions .......

Sep 20, †Ј I can only give you anecdotal evidence. That said, my Remington ) dropped my deer last fall with one shot through the shoulder at roughly yards. I had zeroed at and was aiming directly at the shoulder. I'm not sure if that helps or not, but I hope it does. May 01, †Ј The cartridge is quite capable of killing deer at yds. And lesser distances for larger animals. Most people can only shoot to about yds. Your capability and the quality of the rifle. Jul 09, †Ј I own a newer Remington in Win Mag. To be frank, its accuracy sucks. bedding can be a major the sierra accuracy loads for the sbt they shoot most guns the long heavy bullets shoot the you trying grains they may not shoot never tried you know the trick where you turn the action screws.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter bobcat trapper Start date Dec 4, Joined Dec 4, Messages 71 Location Idaho. Well this is not necessarily a long range question but hear goes. Does anyone shoot a Remington if so what do you think of it? How long does the brass last? How fur friendly is it and what are your favorite loads?

I shoot a 17 remington for most of my predator hunting because I sell the pelts but brass is killing me it will only last two or three loading at most. Most of my shots are under yards. CatShooter Well-Known Member. I shoot the. With average loads, the cases will last forever. Welcome aboard I can't recall the last time I purchased brass. Super fur friendly for the most part depending on bullet and velocity I shoot a 17 remington for most of my predator hunting because I sell the pelts but brass is killing me it will only last two or three loading at most.

That's what the was made for but can reach out towards if you get good with it. Its older than the hills and just shoots well enough to get the job done. The bbl is a bit long for short range quick shots however. Most loads are good. This year I've stepped up to an even bigger shooting gr bullets. Desert Fox Well-Known Member. Joined Jan 31, Messages My 40X is good on brass. I have some that had been reloaded probably close to 20 times. I only partially neck size my brass enough to hold the bullet.

I hauled rounds when it was rumored that Remington would discontinue making the brass and I still have them stashed somewhere in my bench unused. I shoot an older Rem ADL. Velocity is fps, accuracy is.

It is my lightweight callin rifle. I have pieces of brass, mostly winchester and I have heard that if you neck size, they will basically last forever. If your looking for a number though, times is not unheard of, especially if your not pushing the little guy. I neck size only so I shouldn't have a problem for a while. I love my triple deuce. I dont really care for the.

It doesn't give up a whole lot in velocity compared to the. I have shot around 10 yotes with mine, farthest ones being yards and I have yet to lose one with the. It depends on where you hit them and how far they are considering pelt damage. Some of them I shot have a little entry hole and no exit, but some had a big entry and no exit, or a little entry and a big exit, it just all depends.

Its a great little cartridge and shoot most anything very well. Has very little noise to! Dan B Well-Known Member. I shoot a XP in. I'm only getting fps due to the short tube but it is super accurate shoots in the. Both shoot the same load but I use different lots of brass. The load Like the others, neck size for the bolt action and have fun!

The 50gr bullets are my preferred pill on game. Between the two guns, I've dropped tons-o-groundhogs between 50yds and yds , several turkeys mostly around yds and a few fox both at yds. Exit holes are rare Now the groundhogs rarely blow up with a bid exit if the shot is near the edge of the body. But with all the varmints shot, solid body hits don't often leave a exit. Thanks for all the info. I have it down to two caliber choices a or a I have a Remington action that is going to get a new barrel.

The brass will last a very long time, I have some that is more than 20 years old and I'm still using it. I have to trim it occasionally, but nothing major. I wouldn't worry about brass life. I find that the best load with my.

I used the Sierra Blitz on rock chucks in Idaho years ago and it worked very well. One little hole in and no exit hole. They weren't max loads, but they were the most accurate.

Joined Jun 12, Messages Well-Known Member. A full case of H with a 40 V-max stuck in the lands of a Sako Vixen. The Groundhogs hate this vintage rig. Joined Nov 30, Messages 74 Location Texas. I see you are also considering a I shoot the in several setups and the bullets are very explosive on game smaller than deer. Winchester has a new hollow point in that I havent checked yet, but the 32 and 40 grn hornady's destroy pelts even out to yrds.

Unless you can find some spires or fmj's dont count on having much to look at. I shot a Raccoon at and eviscerated it completely. Heres my. Only thing done to it is original trigger is down to 2. Nothign special, but it still shoots very very well for a light sporter factory rifle. Have shot a few groups in the. Scope is an older Leupold VX3, 2. Its a very bright scope and fits the range and weight of this rifle well. I would like to add target knobs to it and shoot it yards.

Would be fun, cheap practice. Joined Dec 7, Messages Roy, do you want to sale that I had one a few years ago I had reamed out to the mag. I shot the heads off match sticks at yds with that thing. And a railroad car full of deer. I was shooting the old 52gr.

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