How to emulsify oil and vinegar

Once you learn the secrets necessary to create an emulsified dressing, you'll never go back to the old way. If you have ever whisked up a vinaigrette, poured it into a cruet, then watched as your dressing separated, leaving your guests to pour either all oil or all vinegar on their salads, you know the pain of a salad dressing that just won't combine. I have the solution. I'm talking about emulsification, and it's the magical key to making high-quality dressings that stay mixed for days - yes, days - in the refrigerator. All you need is a food processor, blender , or, in a pinch, stick blender , or basic hand whisk.

What are some interesting facts about penguins

They're speedy swimmers, adorable waddlers, and frequent movie stars. I mean, what's not to love about penguins. These cute native animals of the Southern Hemisphere are just as fascinating as they are adorable - so in honor of Penguin Awareness Day, we've rounded up some of the best trivia facts about the cutest birds on the planet. Celebrate the holiday on January 20 this year with these 30 fascinating facts you never knew about penguins, including fun info about their powerful abilities as well as their delightful behaviors did you know that they love "tobogganing," or sliding across the ice on their bellies. There's surprisingly a lot to learn about these flightless birds, so scroll through these amazing photos of penguins for some truly mind-boggling facts - and afterwards, be sure to check out some equally fascinating facts about their marine counterparts, the majestic whale and the amazing polar bear. Also called little penguins or fairy penguins, these to inch cuties would look teeny-tiny next to 4-feet-tall emperor penguins.

What foods are good to lower your blood sugar

Although this is no magic list of foods that lower blood sugar there are many foods that contain a low Glycemic Index meaning that they are foods that can either maintain blood sugar levels of help avoid a raise. On tops of our list of foods that lower blood sugar instantly, or help maintain blood sugar, we have a list of foods to avoid with high blood sugar and some tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight. Adding certain foods to your diet can not only help regulate your blood sugar but can also help you avoid developing type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. This list of foods that lower blood sugar and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. When it comes to your blood sugar levels, watching what you eat is a main factor as well as being active. Here we are going to provide a list of foods that lower blood sugar and different ways you can add them to your daily meals.

How much to tip porter at cruise terminal

Gratuities are one expense the cruise lines are only too glad to pass on to the passenger. With the exception of the high-end cruise lines, many crew members rely on tips from cruise passengers to supplement their income. Though it's not mandatory to tip if you're not satisfied with service, crew members are generally hard workers who deserve to be fairly compensated. Follow this tipping guide to show your appreciation without going overboard. How much should I tip.

What does the word retarded mean

In modern use, retard is a pejorative term either for someone with a mental disability or for someone who is stupid, slow to understand, or ineffective in some way. It was previously used as a medical term. The verb "to retard" means to delay or hold back, and so "retard" became known as a medical term in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to describe children with retarded mental development. These words were discontinued in that form when concerns arose that they had developed negative meanings , with "retard" and "retarded" replacing them. Disabled is now considered the more polite term in the United States as well.

What causes a twisted colon

The human intestine extends from the pyloric sphincter of the stomach to the anus; and it consists of the small intestine and large intestine. The small intestine is subdivided into the ileum, duodenum and jejunum. The large intestine is subdivided into the colon, rectum and cecum. Any change in the shape of the intestine is known as twisted intestine or twisted bowel.

What does the farm bill fund

Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. The Agriculture Improvement Act of Farm Act consists of 12 titles governing a wide range of policy areas related to food and agriculture. Nutrition programs account for about three-fourths of this total, with projected outlays for crop insurance, conservation, and commodities representing nearly all the rest. Embed this chart Download larger size chart pixels by , dpi.

How to get a gun license in california

Obtaining a firearm in most states is a pretty straightforward process, but California is a different animal. Each year, the state legislature enacts more and more restrictive laws for residents to obtain a lawful firearm. Here, we will walk you through five steps of obtaining a firearms permit. This way, you will have evidence your record is clean and worthy of a firearms permit. Also, the OAG only reviews California records.